11. The Caretaker – ‘Stairway To The Stars’

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Dungeness can be bleak but it’s still one of the greatest places on the face of the planet. In 2006 I went there in my mate’s ancient VW van to drink Blue Nun, to take ecstasy, to listen to The Caretaker and to think about giving up drink and drugs.

“A man dressed in a grubby Santa Claus costume chugged past on a 50cc scooter decked out in tinsel. He had a ghetto blaster strapped to his ride and was playing the Bing and Bowie version of ‘Little Drummer Boy’. We waved at him and he waved glumly back.We stopped and watched as he disappeared off toward New Romney in the blazing May sunshine.”

12. Anaal Nathrakh – ‘Pandemonic Hyperblast’

Anaal Nathrakh are fucking immense.

“In the spare room, the first two weeks of DTs were pretty bad. I’d gone cold turkey a few times since moving down south but hadn’t dried out properly and thoroughly all the way for nearly a decade. The hallucinations were baroque… real Event Horizon, HR Giger, insects coming out of the walls, angels hovering in the corner shit. Even going on past experience, the music I was hearing was crazy, kind of like Anaal Nathrakh and Gnaw Their Tongues mixed with Whitehouse and Perc. I have to say I did enjoy this music – it’s just a shame it had to come hand in hand with the rest of it.”

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