Joe Symes and the Loving Kind Interview by Roisin Kelleher

Roisin Kelleher catches up with the charming Joe Symes and The Loving Kind, who give some info on their album and gigging plans, as well as sharing with us some of the things, people, and fellow musical acts that inspire them!

Roisin Kelleher: Hey! How has the New Year been going so far?
JOE: The year has [got] off to a great start. We have been in the recording studio working on our debut album, confirming gigs, festivals and radio slots, really looking forward to this year.
COLIN: Really well. Looking forward to our mini album getting released.
DAVE S: New Year, new member, new album! Everything is new about this year! We are very busy in the studio with the final recordings for our new mini album.
PAUL: Good. I’m enjoying all aspects of putting the album together, and tinkering with some new guitar effects.
DAVE H: As I am the new guy, it’s been a case of getting to know the guys and learning the songs.

RK: Have you got any major plans for the year ahead?
Joe: Hopefully to have representation. We are going to be filming more promo videos with songs from the new album, just going to go with the flow and enjoy it.
Colin: We’ll have some more support slots coming up, and some festivals, too.
Dave S: Looking at more exclusive events and gigs. We need to step up to that higher echelon to get ourselves more notoriety through the UK
Paul: Performing as much as possible, pushing the album and website launch, and seeing what doors open for us.
Dave H: Get a really tight band together, and play as much as possible!


RK: Where do you find inspiration?
Joe: From whatever is happening at the moment and experiences, news, media, meeting people.
Colin: I’d say whatever I’m listening to at the time.
Dave S: Inspiration can come from a multitude of things. From relationships, situations, certain people. It depends on the mood and if anything significant is worth writing about.
Paul: I think everything we see or hear sinks in, your subconscious never stops processing information. Getting the ideas down quick is the trick.
Dave H: The world around me.

RK: Who are your favourite acts around at the moment?
Joe: I really like The Noisettes, very retro, remind me a bit off the Wall of Sound style, very Phil Spector.
Colin: There’s a band from America called Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings I’m quite keen on. Fleet Foxes are pretty good, too.
Dave S: To be honest, I very rarely listen to music from now as bad as that sounds. I like John Mayer and also have a passion for Brad Mehldau.
Paul: I’m currently listening to Marmaduke Duke and Miles Kane.
Dave H: I’m buzzing off The Lumineers at the moment. Nice simple folk/pop sound. Magic.

Who inspires you?
Joe: Lots of things; Cult TV, films, books, writers, music.
Colin: All of the musicians and bands I like, and a lot of writers of classic sci-fi and horror.
Dave S: Bill Evans musically, and a lot of jazz in particular, but that’s on a more personal level. I’d say we take our inspiration from the Beatles and a bit of Pink Floyd and the classic list of bands/solo artists that have all been an inspiration to the modern songwriter.
Paul: Guitarists such as Buddy Guy and Peter Green really encourage me to play.
Dave H: People I meet tend to shape things. It then in turn relates to music.

RK: Why do you think music is so important?
Joe: It can really change things, people’s opinions, the way people view the world, relationships. It always brings people together and can do things with events that government can’t do.
Colin: It can sum up how a person is feeling at that exact moment, and remind others of certain times in their lives.
Dave S: Music is the universal language. I believe that music is a very powerful tool in society and the different connotations that music expresses to each individual gives it a power and presence that no other form can. The ability to understand social differences, attitudes and even political aspects highlight the power music has on society and the individual.
Paul: It’s something everyone enjoys, and either playing or listening, you enter a different world.
Dave H: It moves people in a way you can’t explain.


RK: Does the internet make promotion easier/harder?
Joe: It is a godsend. It has opened up so many doors for up and coming musicians, actors, writers etc. It also puts you in a position that you don’t have to go begging to the people in the music industry to get your music heard; the tables are turning for us.
Colin: I think it depends how you go about it, really.
Dave S: Miles easier. You can promote to a global audience rather than a few people down the street. It has changed the landscape of the music industry and there have been certain good and bad points from the internet but the industry has been able to evolve side by side with the internet to a new age of music interaction and promotion.
Paul: I think all bands have to use it to their full advantage in their everyday work flow. A conscious effort must be given to what information you put out there, and there are many useful platforms and apps for new and upcoming artists.
Dave H: Easier. We would be lost without it.

RK: What is your favourite thing about gigging?
Joe: The connection with the audience, seeing that they are coming to hear your music and enjoying it, also playing the songs. It’s a great feeling being on stage.
Colin: Obviously play the songs, and getting a positive reaction from the audience.
Dave S: The interaction with the audience and the band. I don’t know which is more important as without the band we wouldn’t be able to be a band but without the audience we wouldn’t have anywhere to play! So the aspect of generally playing is a buzz, especially when you have worked so hard to perfect the sings and they sound brilliant when doing it live. Hearing people sing the lyrics is an added bonus too!
Paul: It’s a major high playing live, and every gig is a unique experience that stays with you.
Dave H: Putting those years of practice into playing.

RK: Finally, if you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?
Joe: Really don’t know. LOL
Colin: Telepathy. I think it would be an interesting way for people to communicate.
Dave S: Hmm, X-ray vision! *wink*
Paul: Ha! Not getting hangovers. They just waste a whole day at my age.
Dave H: Reading minds……

You can check out Joe Symes and the Loving Kind on Facebook, twitter and Reverbnation.

Interview by Roisin Kelleher. More writing by Roisin on Louder Than War can be found here

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