Joan Jett To Release First Album For 7 Years – album review Joan Jett website.

Joan Jett is set to release her latest studio effort “Unvarnished” on September 30 via Blackheart Records, which is Jett’s first album in seven years and is as good as anything she has ever done.

There are no surprises with the opening power pop “Any Weather,” – a collaboration with Foo Fighter Dave Grohl which sets up the classic glam rock stomp of following track, “TMI.” which harks back to the glorious early seventies rumbling beats of the glam gurus as she sings about the social media engrossed world.

‘Soulmates To Strangers’ is another stand out cut and ‘Make It Back’ rides in on a great riff .
“Reality Mentality,” sounds like the big single with a great vocal line and tune and the album is prime time Joan as the 55 year old defies the years and makes an album as sassy as its cover.


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