Joan Collins stands up against plastic surgery, botox and yob culture
Joan Collins stands up against plastic surgery, botox and yob culture


Joan Collins rants about the death of chivalry and rise of yob culture

Joan Collins stands up against plastic surgery, botox and yob culture
Joan Collins stands up against plastic surgery, botox and yob culture

Joan Collins and the Daily Mail, that was always going to be some combination. Collins, whose right wing outbursts are the stuff of Vorderman, has been flying off the handle again. She has a new book, in what the Daily Mail describes as her ”Ëœwickedly funny new book’- the World According To Joan, Collins- setting the wrongs of the dear old Blighty right and a piece in the Daily Mail detailed some of her novel ideas.

Some of the quotes are below. A lot of them seem to forget that this so called moral decline was once something that she herself was accused of, afterall she was famous for being a pretty rubbish actress who got her breasts out in a film and er, that was it.

She has a rant at pointless celebrities who get famous for no real reason forgetting that is exactly what she herself was, infact in many ways she pioneered this being famous for nothing ideal that is what she complains about, let’s face it Collins hardly got famous for her brilliant acting skill.

on being young…’It was a time when painting, writing, doing jigsaw puzzles and word games and reading were encouraged, and when children were only allowed a few outings a year ”” one of which was usually the Christmas pantomime…What a stark contrast to today’s youngsters, who idle away hours in front of their televisions or hunched over their computers….’

is the TV or computer actually worse than a book? is reading a computer worse for your mind than reading a book? I want to see the proof”¦ is watching all of Joan Collins rubbish films better or worse than being on the computer? what is this glorious decade these people talk about…the forties when the whole country was at war? when the Nazis were ruling Europe? or Victorian times when kids didn’t play with computers but were forced to work in mills or clean chimneys…maybe that’s the times that multi talented Joan would like to see back.

”Ëœ”¦There seems to be little sense of right and wrong today. Chastise a person in the street for dropping a food wrapper or using foul language, and you’ll be lucky to get away with them merely screaming abuse at you”¦’

I love this fantasy- the idea that the streets used to be far safer…walk down Manchester’s main shopping street a century ago and wander down the side streets was asking for trouble- muggings were rife and prostitution and gangs were everywhere..the so called good old days…

”Ëœ”¦Kids take on board the mindless slosh that drips through TV and films today; famous footballers who brawl in bars; slaggy ”Ëœglamour models’ with silicone lips, inch-long nails, clothes that show off everything and who tell the world their most intimate secrets; and foul-mouthed comedians who joke about the most disgusting things”¦’

‘slaggy glamour models with silicone lips…and clothes that show off everything…’ er, Joan….did you ever own a mirror! If only we could return to the good old days of nice comedians, oh hang on, they were as rude then as they are now- just listen to what they were saying then…there were football riots and hooliganism in 6th century Constantinople that lasted a week and resulted in 30 000 deaths

”Ëœ”¦I blame so-called technological progress for many of our failing values. I learned to read before I was five and then devoured as many books as I could.
How different it might have been for me as a child if I had an endless diet of gadgets on which to gorge”¦’

this ”Ëœyouth of today’ crap is so boring…in a time when there is record amount of exam passes and a nation of really bright kids it’s such a tired old cliche to tut at the young…it’s been going on forever, the ancient Greeks and Romans did it…

There’s a lot of stuff about being proud to be British for the actress who spends a lot of her time living in new York and is one of the millionaires who claims to ‘work hard’ and should not be paying as much tax.

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