The revelations about Jimmy Savile have shown how different pop culture was in the sixties and seventies and the continued probing into the era has brought up many more cases.

The Daily Mail has been very active in this digging deep into the salacious world of the seventies.

It can’t be too long before they dig up the following piece of filth- the lyrics to the sick and disturbing song ‘Kinky Boots’ with its line about ‘sexy, little school girls’.

If there was ever evidence of the dirty minds and sick depraved attitudes of the permissive society etc etc then here it is!

Who wrote such filth! they must be deranged, crazed, long haired, sick communist perverts…

or Herbert Kretzmer- a journalist and the theatre critic for the Daily Mail for many years..


  1. […] the allegations against Jimmy Savile this week more names have been implicated – amongst them other pop culture icons of the time such as Gary Glitter (and we all know his predilictions have been proven) but also less […]


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