A couple of weeks ago we reviewed the stunning new album by genre blending (and bending) Bristol troubadour Jim Johnson. It’s a brilliant listen and one that fans of David Bowie in particular will want to check out. So when Jim got in touch to ask if we’d like to share it with our readers for a week before it receives it’s proper release we jumped at the chance. Check it out above in all it’s glory and read more words about it below.

I mention David Bowie as a reference point for After All the Wishing above, and in his 9 / 10 review Glenn Kimpton also threw Queens of the Stone Age and Pink Floyd into the mix. Add elements of Queen themselves and the surreal sonic delights of the Bonzos and you may come close to getting some kind of idea of what’s in store for you when you hit play on this album; although in his review Glenn also pointed out that…

“…you could throw numerous bands and genres at each and any of these twelve tracks; it doesn’t feel like the point.”

…and of course he’s right – this is not an album that should be compared to any others but rather one to sink into as a dazzling, unique, twisted and perverse (in a great way) work of “soundscape as modern art.”

We’ll borrow once more from Glenn’s review about After All the Wishing to wind this pre-amble up…

“It is a hedonistic paranoid carnival lecture of a trip you’re not entirely sure is good for your health, but once the harmonies of the final track cut out you’ll be sure as hell glad you stuck around.”

You can pre-order After All the Wishing at Jim’s Bandcamp.

The Bristol massive may also want to jot down the 28th in their diaries because this is happening then…


Jim Johnston’s website is here: jimjohnstonmusic.com. You can also find Jim on Facebook and he tweets as @JimJohnstonuk.

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