1. This Year’s Model – Elvis Costello

LTW : Elvis was one of those great acts that sneaked into the slipstream of punk to deliver his own great music on his own terms. His early period of tight and taut songwriting with a sixties melodic nous delivered through a punkoid sneer- like some kind of nasal Beatles jamming with the Clash but with Elvis’s own acebric and brillaint lyrics and delivary has really stood the test of time.

Jim Bob : I’ve got everything Elvis has recorded. Even the stuff people hate. I play his albums all the time and this one I play the most. I saw him on my own live in Kensington just before it came out. I had a broken toe and no money. It was raining heavily and I walked home alone to South London after the gig. It took hours.

For number 2 in Jim Bob’s top 10 favourite albums follow this link


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