JG Thirlwell (Foetus / Manorexia / Steroid Maximus) top 10 recommended albums : number 1 : Koenjihyakkei

JG Thirlwell : Ten records for various seasons – ‘a cross section of music I enjoy intensely that infects my consciousness. This is not  and”all-time” list as I don’t really have “all-time” ones. I had to sometimes stick more than one artist in an entry as I listen to a lot of stuff and ten’s not enough!

JG Thirwell AKA Jim Foetus has been a constant creative force for three decades now- releasing a fascianting and quite brilliant series of albums that investigate so many musics and styles. His Foetus series in the early eighties set the standard with post punk holding blues, experimental noise and even big band brass all colliding into unique and beautiful combinations. Now living in New York he is making music even more stunning.

He regularly publish playlists of esoteric and fascinating music that interests him on his tumbler jgthirlwell.tumblr.com/

And we recommend his website to keep up to date with his adventures www.foetus.org which has information on his recommended  new albums Foetus “Soak” and JG Thirlwell “The Blue Eyes (Original Soundtrack Recording)”.

We bumped into him on the streets of New York’s Lower East Side and he gave us his list of then current pieces of music that interested him…

Koenjihyakkei “Nivraym”/ “Angher Shisspa”

Jim ‘Koenjihyakkei create, intense and bombastic high energy progressive music that hearkens to Zeuhl (ie Magma and and their progeny), but in a very direct, pummeling way. They are propelled by the drumming of Ruins’ Yoshida Tatsuya and unison vocals compound the urgency and contolled dementia. Also be sure to check out Japanese Zeuhl outfits Happy Family and Bondage Fruit (their first few albums anyway). Also on the Zeuhl tip, I listen a lot to Belgian group Univers Zero: they harness s a similar dark prog as early King Crimson (cica “Red”) but infused with chamber music and shades of Bartok.’

For number 2 in Jim Foetus/JG Thirwell top ten recommended albums please click here

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