Jeremy Gluck (Barracudas) : my top 1o favourite albums : number 3

  • Mono – Paul Westerberg

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Called by yours truly “St. Paul of Minneapolis”, Replacements’ mainman Westerberg is for me the greatest American songwriter of his generation. In around 2000, having forsaken major labels and climbing out of a major depression, Westerberg, in his basement analog studio, churned out a body of work that upon release astounded. Far from giving up, he had given in to his Muse, and knocked right out dozens of remarkable songs, which were distributed between two albums sold as a double set, “Stereo” (the soft stuff) “Mono” (the hard stuff). “Stereo” is beautiful, masterly and touching, but it’s “Mono” that is the superior set, with searing basic rock’n’roll all played and produced by Westerberg with a winning WTF??? bravado.

Fast, loose, flawed, unforgiving and feral, this is the man at the top of his game, witticisms and solos wild and lethal, having the time of his life and loving every minute of it. He never puts a foot wrong here, the relentless hail of mutated Rolling Stones and Faces licks and hoarse Dylanesque exclamatory vocals meshing into a kind of post-Beat punk rock melange. Were I to detail individual tracks I would exhaust you. The whole album is…the whole album. Hear it all, love it all. Love St. Paul. And that’s all.

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  1. ME relocated to London whitweekend 1980.
    originally to find work in my trade smw and fabrication
    blah etc. Stuck around til 87 while enjoying the easy but
    stress-free solid income the obvious group to check out
    in-person was THE BARRACUDAS.And a did loadsa tymes
    earlyon alice in wonderland.15min slow HEY JOE ETC.
    zILLIONS AT HnA with fellow-like minders flash mike ed
    steve creation coleman jon storey.
    Great records,shop v.s. and mike cannibal and his CLARENDON Franchise .IVEnever stopped digging my holy scene.


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