Garry Scott points out that Clarkson’s suspension is too little too late

Speaking as someone who works for the BBC and spends their time trying diligently to follow the guidelines and standards set out for what we do, I’m really pissed off with Jeremy Clarkson and Top Gear. He shoudn’t even be on screen…he’s had a bunch of near misses…
November 2008…‪#‎JeremyClarkson‬ on ‪#‎TopGear‬ jokes about “murdering prostitutes”, linking that activity – in an allegedly comic way – to lorry drivers…1000 complaints, no action…
Feb 2009 – Clarkson calls Gordon Brown a “one-eyed ‪#‎Scottish‬ idiot”…and in October suggests TV bosses seek to balance “blond-haired, blue-eyed heterosexual” male presenters by hiring “black Muslim Lesbian”. Fuck all done…
2010, and ‪#‎BigMouthStrikesAgain‬ – in the Top Gear Mexican “special”, Clarkson dismisses Mexican people as “lazy, feckless and flatulent” and makes comments about their cuisine…and ends up having to apologise to the Mexican Ambassador to the UK…
2011 – and the show attracts a complaint from the Indian High Commission, for suggesting that all visitors to India get diarrhoea…and in July, JC adds homophobia to his staggering CV by making a jibe about singer George Michael…nothing done.

2013…Clarkson records a take seemingly using the word “nigger”, when using that famous old counting rhyme. He mumbles it – obviously conscious that you shouldn’t really use that word when appearing on the state broadcaster…and after flat denials, he posts a cringe-worthy video apology, saying he did everything in his power to avoid saying the word…(it would have been really easy Jeremy, you thick twat…just DON’T SAY IT)
2014, and he’s at it again – March saw the racist tosser try to slip a sly clever gag in about there being a “slope” on a bridge as a local walked across it. Slope is a derogatory word in Burma…of course, the trio of tossers thought they could have their little in-joke at our expense because the plebs who sit in front of this garbage obviously aren’t as well-travelled as JC, May and Hammond…but they were called out for it. AND then, they travel to Argentina with a particularly ill-advised number plate on their car – H982 FLK – and then claimed they didn’t realise it could evoke memories of the Falklands War…you know, that funny old sideshow where HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE LOST THEIR LIVES, AND PEOPLE WERE LEFT WITHOUT HUSBANDS, FATHERS, SONS, ON BOTH SIDES OF THE CONFLICT…yeah, a really ripe orchard for picking comedy fruit out of, that one…a diplomatic row ensues, and the BBC stand by JC…
Even if he was a cat, Clarkson would be running out of lives…surely, it’s time for him to go? And if your answer is “well the BBC rely on him because Top Gear makes loads of money for them”, then it’s time for the money spent on TG to be invested in finding new formats and talents…the UK is rich in undiscovered writers, comedians, performers…you surely can’t tell me that TG is bigger than the BBC??


SOURCE – The Guardian – Jeremy Clarkson: a history of BBC Top Gear controversies

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  1. I won’t watch anything with Jeremy Clarkson in it or read anything he’s written in response to his repulsive views and inappropriate sense of humour. I wish everyone else who don’t like him would do the same.

    • Then dont watch him as you say. ‘Inappropriate sense of humour’ I really dont get that at all? Looks like Wendy you are very senstive person who’s better off watching something nice and safe like Coronation street or something. Clarksons a bit too real for you to handle looks like.

      • You’re the one who doesnt get whats real. Being a dick like clarkson is is just using his privilege to hide from any form of social responsibility. He’s just riding out his destructive behavior because he can. In the real world you actually get fucked for insulting people. In the rich white male world you can do whatever the fuck you want like a child because everything is given on a plate to you. Fuck off and fuck clarkson.

  2. This whole piece reads like an attack written out of jealousy by someome who is far less successful in their career with the BBC.
    Whilst I agree some of Clarksons actions may have been ill considered at best listing them out of context is not a fair way to asses them.
    Equally I would expect someone employed by the BBC if they were writing s balanced piece not to say something as blinkered as ”
    then it’s time for the money spent on TG to be invested in finding new formats and talents” TG earns vast amounts more for tje corporation than it costs and in doing that allows it to invest in new talent.
    Perhaps it might be fair to suggest some of that may be well spent in employing less lazy journalists……

  3. As an old punk, one of the things I really cared about was (and is) freedom of expression. To be free to say (and record and put out) whatever you want.

    Yep, Clarkson spouts views I may not agree with, but I will defend to my dying day his right to spout them.

    • 100% agree, i mean the guy says it how it is, thats is good enough for me and i honestly cant EVER think anything he’s ever said that i could honestly say is a problem, BUT of course the pc brigade come out to play dont they and the media blow everything up and stupid articals like this, but then again this site is total left wing, not ballanced at all so expected here.

      • them articals hruting my feels )): i mean theres nothing wrong with syaing shotting prostituds is ok on tv, wheres freedom to incite murder )))>:

  4. I agree wiv Tony. Artikal looks like it woz written by a stupid child. The PC brigade is everywhere now. So wot if you want to punch your boss or say it like wot it is. Clarkson is the last hero out there. He speaks for the little man don’t he and they don’t like that them lefties. They say jokes are rashist now, no rebels left. Clarkson is like punk rock. Sign the petition before all the feminite blokes take over.

  5. No person has the right to assault another person i think we would all agree with that , but as for all J.C,s screw ups on tv are a result of the producer airing his fuck ups it is them that decide what goes on air i like banter as i work as do my colleagues but we do want the world to know everything we say or do


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