Jean Encoule (Simon Morgan) music journalist RIPWe are sorry to report of the death of the great Trakmarx writer Simon Morgan aka Jean Encoule who passed away after an accident whilst cycling yesterday.

Simon was a punk rock scholar and a fan and was also wonderfully articulate and could explain any nuance of punk rock to you whether musical or theoretical in away that would have you fascinated. His writing was alive and he wrote because he had to explain just how important this stuff was to him – the best kind of writing.

His writing not only illuminated his own website, Trakmarx, but also a flurry of articles here on LTW as well (read this great article on punk legends, Crime).

He will be greatly missed.

Thanks for the spirit and the words brother.



  1. Thank you for writing this. Simon was a good friend and a constant champion of the underdog. I’m so sad about the loss of such a great person.

  2. Thanks for writing this. He was one of the very best from schooldays to right now, his passion for music was immense, his humanity even bigger. What a massive loss.


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