Jay Leighton Interview by Roisin Kelleher

Singer-Songwriter and Bruce Springsteen fan, Jay Leighton, shares some of his worldly wisdom with LTW’s Roisin Kelleher.

Roisin Kelleher: Heya, how are you?

Jay Leighton: Very well thank you! I’m just on a mini tour taking in the lovely sights our country has to offer…

RK: Got any fun plans for the year ahead?

JL: Trying to gig as much as possible really. And my brother is getting married in Greece this summer, so I am excited for that.

RK: What inspired the single?

JL: I absolutely love Bruce Springsteen. I love the album ‘Nebraska’ the most. My brother, my best friend and I drove from Seattle to New York a few years back…it was amazing and the journey took us through Nebraska. Having been there, experiencing it… that makes me love the album even more.

RK: What inspires you in general?

JL: Selfless acts of kindness and people being nice to each other. I am not religious at all, but a good friend of mine said something that really struck a chord with me. He said: “Be kind because it feels nice to be kind, not because you will go hell if you are not”. That’s the trouble with religion – it’s the threat vibe that I have never got my head around…

RK: Wise words. Which acts do you love at the moment?

JL: I love Johnny Flynn. I think he is a genius and genuinely original. I urge everyone to listen to him. I am going to have his song ‘Brown Trout Blues’ at my funeral, I love it!! I was lucky to tour with The Ramona Flowers – great band and lovely guys.


RK: If you could have any superpower what would you choose?

JL: Flying would be cool. I hate planes, I am really scared of them…it’s the fear of crashing. I guess if I could fly and was in control I would learn to enjoy the view…

RK: What do you most enjoy about being a musician?

JL: Meeting people and by singing songs I’m saving money on therapy…it’s very cathartic…

RK: And what do you find hardest about it?

JL: It’s a vocation rather than a job; it can be all consuming…it’s hard in that respect.

RK: If you could sum yourself up in five words…

JL: Optimistic. Hopeful. Lost. Friendly. Drunk…interested…

RK: Haha that’s six words but we’ll let you off! Anything else you’d like to tell us?

JL: Just about to do a gig in Coventry, in a venue that was robbed a couple of weeks ago by a gang with Stanley knives…the dizzy heights of being a musician!

Check out Jay Leighton on Facebook, twitter, SoundCloud and his official website.

Words by Roisin Kelleher. More writing by Roisin on Louder Than War can be found here.

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