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Jamie Perrett finally takes a leap of faith in his own considerable talent as he emerges from the shadows with his debut solo single, Masquerade Of Love. And on the strength of this single and the musical pedigree that comes with Jamie, Ian Corbridge is certain that this is the start of another very exciting musical journey.

Let’s face it, if you want a proper musical education then being in the Perrett family is just about as good as it gets. Having a father in Peter Perrett Snr, who emerged in the late ‘70s post-punk explosion as one of the UK’s most accomplished songwriters and performers, will inevitably give you a head start in developing a creative spirit and a sense of adventure. But of course, for those such as Jamie Perrett, this advantage does not manifest itself into a musical career without a considerable amount of graft and determination. But there is little doubt Jamie has made the most of the opportunities that life has thrown at him over recent years.

After the second coming of the Only Ones, Peter Perrett Snr saw a magnificent creative rebirth of his own solo career which proved to be very much a family affair. Jamie took the reins on lead guitar with brother Peter Jnr on bass, making significant contributions to both of Peter’s more recent outstanding solo albums. Prior to that, the Perrett brothers had been involved in other ventures ranging from the reckless abandon that surrounded the birth of Peter Doherty’s Babyshambles to the almost dreamy pop sounds of Strangefruit. It was the latter who provided the backing to Peter Snr when he started touring his new solo material and as this venture gathered momentum, any further material from Strangefruit seemed to be put on hold.

As we then moved into the 2020 lockdown and everyone involved in the music industry started to reevaluate and almost reinvent their careers in this strange new world, I can only surmise that this provided Jamie with the catalyst to focus on the experiences gained and the talent that he had nurtured over these past few years to channel this into a whole new venture. And this is how we come to Masquerade Of Love as the very first song to emerge from Jamie’s new more personally focused creative spirit.

Masquerade Of Love conveys a real sense of nostalgia from the outset, but with the retro feel having a typically modern twist. The bright and infectious melody perfectly complements the driving rhythm and shimmering guitar, leading into a soaring and instantly memorable chorus, complete with echoes of 1950’s doo-wop vocal harmony groups within the backing vocals. And Jamie demonstrates in no uncertain terms that his strong and deep vocal stylings have been inherited through the Perrett genes.

Jamie Perrett: Masquerade Of Love – single reviewI guess it should come as no real surprise that the captivating sound is set against a somewhat darker narrative as the song explores the contrasts and extremes that are experienced through love. I have no doubt this draws in some part from Jamie’s own experiences and challenges faced through his early family and professional life. And just as the concept of a masquerade conveys a sense of both fun and mystery, Jamie explains that “It’s about a break-up and difficult aftermath and the feeling that comes with it being stranded and suspended in no man’s land, as well as the rejoicing of a beautiful and powerful relationship at the same time”.

The band is immediately recognisable to those who have witnessed Strangefruit and Peter Snr’s recent tours and is masterful throughout. With Peter Jnr on bass, Jake Woodward on drums and backing vocals from both Jenny Maxwell and Lauren Moon, the rest is very much down to Jamie, including vocals, all guitars, piano, percussion and production duties.

In Masquerade Of Love, Jamie Perrett has produced one of the most exciting debut singles of the year so far. The song itself shines as brightly as a beacon in an overcast world with a sound that brings to mind images from the old rock’n’roll dance halls with an overwhelming feel-good factor. It’s great to know that there is the promise of much more to come from Jamie in 2021, so watch this space as I am in no doubt that this is going to be an enjoyable journey.

You can find Jamie Perrett here on Facebook, TwitterInstagram or his website.


All words by Ian Corbridge. You can find more of his writing at his author profile.

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