Pop Morrison © Paul Grace

Pop Morrison © Paul GraceYesterday Jamie Morrison released a brand new Xmas single under the Pop Morrison moniker featuring Sam Semple.

The Stereophonics drummer has collaborated with Sam Semple on a new Xmas song & video. Jamie wanted to end for what was for him a very creatively successful year by releasing 1 more song.

Sam & Jamie’s first collaboration was on the mysterious Drewford Alabama project.
Jamie’s long term video maker Ollie Rillands came up with the idea of having Jamie play all the instruments.
They shot the video in a couple of hours one Sunday afternoon at the end of November.

Jamie is widely known as the drummer from the Stereophonics and was previously a member of the band Noisettes.

Jamie is an active producer / writer releasing his first work outside of a band in 2015 with the Drewford Alabama project. In 2016 he created his “If you want to make a song Holla series”. Jamie released 6 instrumental EPs in one day he asked people to turn the tracks in to song ,sample or simply enjoy for what they are.

In 2017 His Boi Genius project with London rapper FEM FEL saw Morrison create two short films to accompany the “dark twisted fantasy” style music with Jamie staring in the first film and the second being fully animated.

Jamie kicked off 2018 with his POP MORRISON release “Loyal”. Jamie said of the release  ” it’s a vibe, just like a tweet or Instagram post. I got so bored with 3 minute songs I created just a beautiful feeling that lasts 40 seconds , why not? ‘”

The song features Ella’s vocals and an orchestra. Jamie continued 2018 with releasing a cover song each month featuring a different artist including everyone from Leonard Cohen to The Pretenders.

Sam is a successful songwriter and used to be Douglas Adams assistant…

As Jamie puts it in his video

Have a merry Morrison Christmas!


Jamie can be found via his website  or via Twitter where he tweets as  @PopMorrison.

Photo by Paul Grace. For more of his photos visit him on  Facebook, Twitter @pgracephoto and his website is www.paulgrace-eventphotos.co.uk

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