Jamie Duffy – RIP

News is reaching us that Chicago based guitarist/studio engineer Jamie Duffy passed away yesterday 21st June 2012.

The news was first broken by Fronline Assembly’s Twitter page – apparently Duffy took his own life.

Duffy has been a well known figure within the Chicago music scene for 20years, in addition he has worked with Ministry, Chris Connelly, Pigface, Acumen Nation and Armageddon Dildo’s

Further details to follow.

Update: It seems Duffy made public his suicdal intentions – he posted a message on his Twitter account ‘this is how the end begins’ along with a hyperlink. The link led followers to a rather chilling image of three medicine containers on a plate, thier contents – a large ammount of blue coloured tablets.

There is nothing confirmed from traditional news outlets, however Martin Atkins (PIL, Ministry) has posted his condolences online.

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  1. I read online where Jamie Duffy – someone I didn’t know but who many people I know DID know, loved and respected – has left the premises. Whenever I read about suicide, there’s always a tug deep in my heart for the pain and sadness one must endure before making such a final, unchangeable decision. When eternal sleep is preferred over living, then that life must certainly have been difficult, painful, hopeless. They say that “suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem”, and we understand that. But when all hope is lost. When darkness sets in day in and day out, and there is no light…heck, not even a tunnel to see the light at the end of…then it must just not be worth it anymore. And that sort of pain is something most of us don’t ever want to endure. If Mr. Duffy could have seen the outpouring of grief and sadness at his passing, I wonder if it would have changed his mind? We all wait far too long to tell a loved one, that we love them.

    I’m sorry Mr. Duffy chose to move off this plane. I hope his spirit lives on through his music, his friends, his loved ones. And I hope we can learn a lesson from Jamie, and reach out when we need help. It’s clear he will be missed, and I regret not ever having met him, or played music with him. RIP Jamie.


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