Jackpot Golden Boys / FreeK – live review

Jackpot Golden Boys / FreeK
Studio 2, Liverpool

Preston’s Jackpot Golden Boys mine a deep seam of musical influences from surf pop to doo-wop to come out a mind-blowing, genre-defying sound. 

FreeK are a punk/metal three piece who possess a bold ferociousness that belays their tender years. At only 16 years old they seem more musically adept than some of their older peers; if they are this accomplished at sixteen one can only anticipate what they may go on to achieve, if they stay focused.

Their set is a mix of original songs and covers, which includes storming versions of songs by bands such as The Hives. FreeK’s original material exudes a maturity beyond their years, and they rock out pretty heavily.

Headlining the night was Preston’s finest, The Jackpot Golden Boys. This gig was approached with much anticipation, having seen the band live previously I knew I was in for a mind-blowing set.

Having been around for a few years they already have an impressive back catalogue, but as true innovators of their craft this gig sees them presenting some brand spanking new material.

The Jackpot Golden Boys are one of the most exciting and experimental bands around and their surreal mash-up of genres merged into each song makes it extremely difficult to paste them into one genre. Self-admittedly the band have eclectic tastes and are influenced from The Dillinger Escape Plan right through to the Beach Boys, and everything in-between.

The new material does not disappoint with songs such as Paperboy, which seems to have an underlying reggae infusion; whereas Flux combines heavy rock with slow tempo 50’s doo-wop. What? Exactly! You’ve got to hear it to believe it.

With these guys every song is a Bohemian Rhapsody / Paranoid Android style journey that is full of complexity. To continue that sort of momentum in every song is a major feat, but one that The Jackpot Golden Boys master with seemingly great ease; a testament no doubt to their talent.

All words by Leanne Durr. You can read more from Leanne here.


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