With this simple statement Jack White has banned mobiles etc from gigs. In a stand against filming and social networking at a live gig he has barred the use of phones.

thoughts please!

  1. About time – watch the sodding gig and put your phone away.


2. stop being such a control freak – it’s 2018 and things have changed grandad.


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  1. The one issue I have with this is if Ive paid to go to a gig then I’ve had to get a sitter for the kids – I need to be contactable in an emergency.

  2. I think it’s good. They are such a nuisance for people who have come to actually listen to the music. Is there any way they can zip up mouths for the duration of the gig too?

  3. Thank f*ck for Jack White! This won’t go down well with anyone over the age of 25 but good on him for making a stand. People standing stock still recording the entire gig drive me up the f*cking wall. Some idiots even have the cheek to get annoyed if you get in the way of their phonecam!

  4. Not too sure how I feel about this…I get what he’s saying but it sounds a bit controlling re not being able to catch our own unique photos. What performers and venues should be putting more into is stopping people nattering away during performances! We need universal rules and maybe even ‘Shush’ boards on sticks. I just don’t get why people bother attending when they don’t even listen.

    • Prior to phone cameras there was no way on Earth you could take a camera into a live show. I think this sense of entitlement in the name of freedom is abused enough.

  5. He has a point. There are certain bands (Fields of the Nephilim being a good example) where a legion of dicks prefer to watch the show through their giant mobiles and expect everyone standing behind them to do the same thing.

    So good luck with that Jack but I’m not sure how easy it will be to enforce…?

  6. I feel kind of sad for people constantly recording on their phones. They are so focused on it (So they can show someone else they were there? Maybe harbour some latent desire to be a camera man?) I’m not sure why, but I do know they miss an opportunity to utterly immerse themselves in art. To indulge, at full tilt, you need to “drop everything you’re doing: watch, listen and feel”

    It’s not about who is filming – I’ve seen all ages do it. It’s not about what year this is – smuggled, disposable cameras were almost as annoying.

    It’s about the experience that the artist is trying to give you and how much you are willing to connect back. Jack obviously doesn’t think he can deliver the best if he’s staring at the back of phones.

    The question is the level of control he can/should exert to achieve this. (we willingly comply with 100 other rules when we attend concerts) …Reminds me of that other behemoth case against napster. How many rules can Jack require people to respect at his own gig?

    In the case of mobile phone use, I say “Good on you Jack, It’s exactly what I wanted to hear. It’ll be interesting to see what you’re going to serve, when you catch them filming your way again.”

  7. Doesn’t bother me too much to be honest. Much more bothered by constant filming at gigs – a song or two is fine but the whole gig… Even more bothered about talking through gigs. Saw the Charlatans at Wolves recently and politely asked a guy who had already moved in front of me to keep it down a bit. He went absolutely crazy about me asking him to pipe down a little. Thanks to his much more considerate and sensible mate!

  8. Evidently his ego far exceeds his actual musical ability. No cameras at his shows? Suits me, I wouldn’t go to suffer through an evening of this minimal musical “talent” even if the tickets were free!

  9. I saw him on a past tour where the no-phone rule was strongly (but nicely) enforced by extra security personnel and the show was amazing. It was the first time in ages that I felt like everyone in the crowd was focused on the music/band and really into the experience of being there. Excellent photos were available online afterwards. More of this please!

  10. The one good thing about circle pits is that they often help clear out all the statues stood at the front watching the band through a phone.
    Always quite funny. As people start ‘dancing’ the phone knobs get bumped into and turn around with that disgusted ‘mind what you are doing’ look. As they get slammed into more and more they usually disappear to the back. Perish the thought that they’d put their phone away and jump around to the band.

  11. I think it’s totally down to the performer. I only ever film part of one or two songs. People get their knickers in a twist over things that really are not that important in the scheme of things. Constant chatting and singing along badly during acoustic shows really does grind my gears though.

  12. Great, last Arcade Fire gig I was at was spoiled by Muppets constantly filming and posting to Facebook live. Maybe I shouldn’t go and see Arcade Fire? It’s phone free for me, every time.

  13. Its a great divide.
    1 ) People who enjoy the moment of live art and who wouldn’t dream of wrecking it by filming it
    2) People who wouldn’t know “the moment” if it socked em in the jaw…… so they film stuff.


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