The announcement of a new FIFA game causes a flurry of excitement for both those partial to a game of football and those who enjoy stellar music. Over the years, those traits have blurred quite magnificently through FIFA‘s sterling soundtracks, which plucks the best songs from up-and-coming bands, established outfits and a few international artists for good measure.

The OST for this year’s game has recently been announced, boasting cuts from the likes of Rat Boy, Spring King, Glass Animals and Catfish & the Bottlemen. To get you in the frenzied football spirit, here are ten of the best songs to grace the platform since its inception.

10). The Dandy Warhols – ‘We Used to Be Friends’ (FIFA 04)

FIFA 04 was one of the game’s strongest soundtracks, featuring tracks from then-new acts such as Kasabian and legendary figureheads like Radiohead. The Dandies’ disco-tinged, sneering sigh of ‘We Used to Be Friends’ was, arguably, the high point, though.

9). Travis – ‘Closer’ (FIFA 08)

If Travis were a football manager, you can imagine them preferring a highly defensive 5-4-1 approach. Despite their vanilla tendencies, the sleepy ballad ‘Closer’ proved a welcome antidote to the frenetic football that oozed from FIFA 08.

8). LCD Soundsystem – ‘Daft Punk is Playing At My House’ (FIFA 06)

With indie music firmly back on the commercial radar, FIFA 06 relied heavily on guitar-centric chops and heavy choruses (The Rakes, Bloc Party and Oasis all make appearances). James Murphy’s propulsive, stomping disco thud of ‘Daft Punk…’ gives some much needed pizzazz.

7). Beck – ‘Dreams’ (FIFA 16)

Beck soundtracked the summer with ‘Dreams’, one of his finest singles and a return to his more danceable, Belearic-tinged rhythms. It made the last FIFA more enjoyable, for sure.

6). Caesars – ‘Jerk It Out’ (FIFA 04)

It really is hard to look past FIFA 04 when it comes to the standout soundtrack, and Sweden’s Caesars rode the wave of one hit wonderment with the crackling guitar motifs of ‘Jerk It Out’.

5). Morrissey – ‘Irish Blood, English Heart’ (FIFA 05)

Around 2004, Morrissey returned like a bequiffed Lazarus, armed with a new label and an acidic comeback single – the bellowing bile of ‘Irish Blood, English Heart’ gave FIFA 05 welcome aggression.

4). MGMT – ‘Kids’ (FIFA 09)

MGMT have enjoyed a healthy relationship with FIFA, but their zenith has to be when ‘Kids’, the arms-aloft electronica anthem that won over the world in 2008, was featured.

3). Blur – ‘Song 2’ (FIFA Road to the World Cup ’97)

Blur’s reintroduction to the rock world was a big shock in 1997, with Graham Coxon cranking up his Big Muff and Damon Albarn letting fly with a series of acerbic putdowns. ‘Song 2’ is one of their greatest songs, and made this relic of a game even more cracking.

2). Apollo 440 – ‘Stop the Rock’ (FIFA 00)

FIFA 2000 boasted many great songs, including the molten rocker ‘It’s Only Us’ by Robbie Williams and the brass-addled ‘Sell Out’ by Reel Big Fish, but this slice of dubby distemper still gets the pulses racing even now.

1). Fatboy Slim – ‘Rockafeller Skank’ (FIFA 99)

Moby’s ‘Bodyrock’ gave FIFA 99 a lot of kinetic energy, but the legendary game’s most popular song has to be the irresistable, jerky rhythms of ‘Rockafeller Skank’. Right about now…

FIFA 17 is due for release on 27 September.

Sam Lambeth is a Birmingham-based writer, journalist and musician. You can read more of his work at his blog, and he is also releasing a record for Teenage Cancer Trust. You can donate here.

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