New artist of the day: Islam Chipsy – stunning Egyptian keyboard player and techno wizard playing electro ShaabiEgypt is a cultural melting pot- an ancient country fast forwarding into the 21st century.

This is reflected in the music of Islam Chipsy who takes the traditional Shaabi music and turns it into something else by giving it an electronic twist and playing his keyboards at street weddings and parties in Cairo. Just check the way his hands move as he hits the keyboard – stunning.

The music he plays is called mahragan (aka ‘techno shaabi’ or ‘electro shaabi’) – these terms are meaningless to him, he makes a hypnotic music that is beyond this.

He says:

“I think it’s just guys from poor neighborhoods that also listen to DJs from the West, and they made their own version of — you can call it different names — but there’s definitely nothing like it. It is an Egyptian rhythm finally. It’s not a Western rhythm.”

Youtube is full of clips of his amazing music…





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