Is this the end of the Rolling Stones?Rock n roll’s longest running soap opera, the Ballad of Mick n Keef, looks to have hit, well, stony ground.

The news that Keef Richards is hard at work on a solo X Offender album and is ‘trying to rally the Stones together’ can be added to inside information that the internal relationships in band are very strained after the guitar player’s autobiography that was less than flattering about Mick. Add to this the latest comments from Mick Jagger about the band not doing the 50th anniversary tour and it seems like one of the biggest bands in rock n roll is to wimper out.

The insider said that at the moment the band are very unlikely to reconvene…

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  2. mick, if you reed this, if there is really a problem with keef, solve it. and : if charlie wants to stop: i am a drummer from Haarlem, Holland (NL) with a lot of experience, i play already for 40 years (i am 53) and played stones songs already for 35 years. So I studied good old charlie (respect for that man) long enough and i tell you: i can easily fit in! kr, a true fan and college Marcel C.A.M. Schmidt-Bleekemolen, Haarlem, Netherlands

  3. After ripping off all the black riffs and giving nothing back and making billions off the backs of their blck brothers, not acknowledging them, always being in the shadow of the majestic beatles the stones will roll no more and I say good riddance to them. They unabashedly added to the amoral dimension of the world we have all grown into, has it made the world a better place? what was their contribution? “I can’t get no satisfaction” well fuck that Keef n Mic, give some fink back to the struggling bands that can’t make money because of all the downloading – you Sir Elton Macartney, Bono the whole creepy lot of you have turned into paradise. You tear your jeans and sing about the cultural refs of the poor black blues artists but haven’t got a c;ue
    Why don’t you “j j j j use f f f f fade away?”


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