Is it wrong for a Kaiser Chief to be a judge on BBC’s The Voice?Ricky Wilson, the singer from the indie band the Kaiser Chiefs is to appear as a judge on BBC’s ‘The Voice’- you know the show- it’s the one your partner watches whilst your cringe with boredom, the one with Tom Jones, that bloke from Black Eyed Peas and some no mark froma boy band called The Script.


Well a couple of the ‘judges’ have left and the vacancy has been filled by our Ricky causinga mini meltdown from the indie scene.


Of course the programme is a cheapo copy of the rubbish X Factor and of course they have spent years trying to lure a spotty indie oik onto the panels of these shows (millions is regulairy thrown at Noel Gallagher to entice him which would actually be great to watch- be better if it was just him come to think about it).

Is it wrong for Ricky for Ricky to take the showbiz doller? some people are saying that it takkes his band off the ‘artistic register’ – this is interesting. We know hese shows are shitty bbut no-one took the Beatles off the artistic register for doing panto in the early sixties, no-oone ever mentions Lou Reed’s pre Velvets career of writing advertsing jungles and there arre many more cases littered through pop history of the dread showbiz being used to pay da’ bills.


So what do you think? Should Ricky have said ‘no’ , does appearing ona show like this wipe yyour music from the public record, what about Tom Jones? he is one of our great singers aand that’s not been taken from him by being on the Voice…




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  1. Of course it’s a sell out . But let’s be fair , Kaiser Chiefs sold out years ago . This is a good way for him to shift more units .
    Comparing this to The Beatles and Lou Reed is wrong . They were operating in a different age when it was the only avenues open to them . Everybody played panto in the sixties and Lou Reed was a jobbing musician trying to earn a crust .
    Should he have done it ? Ask him in 6 months when the Kaiser Chiefs back catalogue is shifting loads of units .


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