Is It Time To Revamp The Brits – Viewing Figures Slump To All Time Low

The Brits has been roundly pasted on the internet and in our circles and that’s to be exopected.

As people who listen to music with a passion the site of a aircraft hanger full of soulless executives clapping along to auto tune pop presented by a bumbling oaf is always going to be grating.

The thing is we are not alone, the audience for ITV’s #Brits slumped to 4.6m viewers (20.2%) down from last year’s 10-yr high of 6.5m. and was the lowest since 2006 (also 4.6m).

It’s hard to see how much longer the mainstream media can justify their market research meltdown of modern music culture. The fear of rock that means that only a token indie guitar band gets on , a miss mash of AMERICAN superstars selling their wares on a programme that is meant to be celebrating British pop culture, a lack of diversity in the music, a rubbish presenter with terrible scripted jokes and no connection to music- the whole thing is an empty spectacle that- like most mainstream media- ignores the vibrant and thrilling music culture of the UK…

Of they claim that are representing pop then they need to look that word up – pop is shorthand for popular and that come sin far more forms than Katy perry hiding behind loads of dancers. the whole thing looked like the fall of Rome with Nero fiddling away…

It’s time to put the programme out of its misery or have a rethink…


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  1. I think you need some proof-readers. Lost count of the errors.

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