Stuck for an angle? Need to look a little bit more charitable? Then slap the charity sticker on your single…


It’s hard to believe that anyone could be that cynical and it does smack of the lowest form of hype in that rush for number but you can’t put such a thing past some people. It’s one of those things that pops up in the chart battles and makes you wonder why they can’t reach into their fat wallets and pay their own charity donation.


The whole millionaires Against poverty thing is always one of the most awkward aspect of pop culture. Sometimes the motives are beyond question like Beatle George and the Bangladesh gigs or Bob Geldof when he got the original anti famine idea but since then all manner of highly successful entertainers have been asking you for your money so they can hand over the cheque instead of questioning why they were so loaded in the first place!


A generous people, the British love charity, like with pets and furry animals it touches a soft space in the national psyche and is ripe for exploitation. Of course it’s great that a worthwhile cause is getting the dollar but you have to wonder if this is really the right platform for such a thing.


The current chart battle for the Xmas number one sees two charity records fighting it out for the top spot. The Justice Collective single is not strictly a charity and is quite definately not using anyone- the whole idea of the release is to raise funds for the Campaign for Justice for the Hillsborough 96- a long term campaign that many of the musicians are already deeply involved in- it’s also about keeping the spotlight on the cause and remembering those that died and is a perfect example of how a pop record can be used for social good.


It’s rival for the Xmas number one is the annual X Factor single which this year comes with a charity angle. I’m not cynical about this and believe that there may be some redemption involved here but many are questioning the motives of the single even if they agree with the charity. X Factor don’t really do charity and to some it seems they have tacked the charity angle on because of the emotive power of the Hillsborough single and its good cause and they needed to give their Xmas number that emotive extra boost. In the end there can only be one winner and its either of the causes. Maybe people are being too cynical? What do you think?





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