ffb6obdzkxc3pk7lvbw2Today’s big music headline is the stage time tardiness of the satanic spawn that is Justin Bieber. Simon Paul mulls over what this all means.

After being due on stage at 20:30pm he decided it would be best to turn up at 22:35pm instead for whatever reason. Its probably a safe bet that during the composition of this blog an official statement will have been released and it’ll have turned out that he was talking to his mother who was informing him that his pet goldfish had died, but Justin, being the man-child that he is, put on a brave face for his fans and took to the stage, albeit two hours later than scheduled!

“He didn’t even apologise for being late!” come the angry cries of grown men being forced into London’s O2 by their preteen daughters who, it being a school night, had to leave the arena to get their children home or catch last trains / buses etc.

Is demon spawn Bieber the only megastar to be guilty of this heinous crime?

Not by a long shot!

Axel Rose is often late and sometimes doesn’t even show up much to the annoyance of his fans. Madonna was well known for making the crowd wait and was often up to an hour late on stage. The Rolling Stones are another frequent late flyer so why should this be any different?

Well apart from the fact that the above examples are true masters of their art (come on everyone has a soft spot for at least one Madonna song) whose fans where generally over the legal drinking age and whilst prone to outrageous diva behaviour they deliver to their loyal fans time and time again, with the exception of Mr Rose who seems to have fallen off the wagon as far as maintaining a decent level of performance goes of late. Also not sure of Madonna’s current status but she was a force to be reckoned with back in the day. Bieber however, added insult to injury by cutting his show by half an hour and leaving the stage early.

Will this latest effrontery to his loyal fans put them off the Bieber? No, unfortunately not, and even though there were reports of young kids falling asleep whilst waiting and some even walked out, there were also some that gushed inspirationally about his musical talents, “He was amazing, he’s so good looking!”.

All this aside, entities like Beleze-bieber have their place in the world of entertainment. There must be a balance of choice, a ying for every yang. For every Noel Gallagher there must be a Gary Barlow, for every Sex Pistols an Abba to balance the scale. It’s the very nature of the universe, plus it gives the kids and the weirdoes something to do and keep them out of our way!

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