Angela Rayner the Labour MP for Ashton is known for her love of esoteric footwear and has worn crushers before but is this the first sighting of the shoe classic conducting PMQs?

The shadow secretary of state has her work cut out with the current government omni shambles but at least she is dressed for the occasion.

We know that LTW boss John Robb has been in Parliament several times with his crushers on but is this the first sighting of an MP wearing them?

Is Angela Rayner MP the first person to wear crushers to conduct PMQs?

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  1. How many articles have you published commenting on male attire? Is this not just another lazy piece of sexism! It’s what women say and do that’s important. You’re perpetuating sexist tropes.

    • You are missing the point – the brothel creeper (beetle crusher) is synonymous with rock’n’roll /punk rock rebellion – and it just seems unusual that a politician of any gender would wear them. LTW boss John Robb is never seen without his beetle crushers. They are part of the punk-rock identity. This website is built on punk foundations and in the same way as David Beckham wearing a (anarchist punk band) Crass T-shirt was unusual and reported on, so was this. There is nothing sexist about this piece. Rayner is self-evidently one of the best politicians we have.


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