2012- apocalypse or golden age...are you ready?
2012- apocalypse or golden age...are you ready?

 Are these the end times? There seem to be wars everywhere and violence is an everyday occurrence. The news looks apocolyptic but some people think we are in age of transition and that 2012 far from being the end of the world like some predict is actually the final dawning of the Age OF Aquarius.

For more information check these website www.abrahamhicks.com
and www.celestine prophecy.com

2012- apocalypse or golden age...are you ready?
2012- apocalypse or golden age...are you ready?

The transformation I feel I/we are all undergoing is in preparation for The Age of Aquarius and 2012, the predicted peaceful Golden Age of Humanity

There are also some negative interpretations of the Mayan, Gregorian and Nostradamus’s predictions of the ‘end of the world’ out there too.

In some ways they can appear ‘right’, it is apparently the ‘end of the world’, but only of the world as we’ve known and created it.

We’re in the process of moving into an age where personal empowerment will be the way. It’s a whole new way, as a lot of us have had to be rebels to survive in the old system of ‘perceived’ control and its limitations. All of that combined positive energy is paying off because people are no longer willing to just get on with it and be quiet- hence the global unrest…it’s a mass of people simultaneously being inspired to say ‘enough is enough’.

There are already many fabulous pieces of written work on this subject. The part I want to share is that there are ways to create the reality of your dreams.

Simply through just imagining a better world for everyone. That alone is so powerful. Competion just divides us.

Imagine a world, for example, where everyone matters and is counted in instead of judged and overlooked?.

The part most people shy away from is how to bring this grown-up magic into deeper play.
Let’s use the UK as a creative example, which to my mind anyway, is full of diversity, strong characters and they have shown how this diversity can work.

You can be as wonderfully weird as you like here and live a good life, there’s a level of tolerance where creativity is possible.

A great foundation for all to build on?

Also, Will and Kates wedding showed how many romantics there are living here. The Harry Potter phenomenon shows how many peopple still believe in magic.
..so why not take it to another level is my question?…it’s a private journey, no one needs to know, if you’re shy about it, but to just try to contribute your uplifting thoughts
to creation by simply making a wish for it all to be better for everyone?…then you can get really creative and actually imagine exactly how you wish to see change..

The fun part may be when your wishes actually happen… patience being key..

Maybe then the inner questions will really begin…

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  1. Lets hope personal empowerment will be the way in Syria….because when faced with pure evil, I’m not sure that “wishing” it away is going to work.
    Maybe the grown up magic you mention, will work… that would be interesting.. contact Amnesty International and explain that you have an idea that will put them out of business…I expect they’d be delighted. I am grinning with happy expectation.


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