Five years ago a squawking brand-new bundle of joy came into my world. It still keeps me awake at all hours of the night and day – and I still feel the obsessive need to check it every couple of minutes. Me and my BlackBerry”¦ we’re almost inseparable.

I still get cold sweats when I recall the night I left it on my work desk – necessitating a torturous 12-hour wait to retrieve it.

Should I ever be buried under a mountain of rubble my rescuer would firstly have to extract it from my protective iron-clad grip in order to pull me to safety.

So what if 90% of my emails are pesky direct marketing scams and my Twitter lifeblood is salacious tittle-tattle of the red-top celebrity scoop kind?

It’s my personal portal to the worldwide web, Twitter, Facebook, endless texts, emails and phone calls. Without it, quite simply I feel lost.

I’ve been perfectly happy with its many features ”“ faithfully upgrading to the latest model each year without a single doubt in my mind – but of late I’ve suddenly realised I’m clinging to a black brick in a sea of shiny white iPhones.

App bragging has reached pandemic stakes with my brother-in-law pretending to be Keith Lemon with the ”ËœCelebrity Juice’ app and friends wowing me down the pub with Shazam.

For someone who lost a whole hour trying to identify The King Blues’ ”ËœI Want You’ from a boatload of tracks on the XFM website, I have to admit this particular app was quite simply a revelation.

Now I know I could get apps for my BlackBerry, but well how can I put this? Once a status symbol my BlackBerry suddenly seems a bit passé – and for someone as shallow as I am being out of touch is a big no-no.

So that’s why I turned the question over to my Twitter followers. My contract is up for renewal. Should I ditch my beloved BlackBerry and switch to an iPhone?

The consensus so far has been unanimous. “It’s an email client masquerading as a phone”; “Never had a BlackBerry but I LOVE my iPhone”; “You’ll never look back””¦

I’m 99.9% sold but I’m giving Louder Than War readers the final say… BlackBerry or Apple ”“ which is the juicier fruit?

You decide.

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  1. Android definitely..

    Apple no longer dominate as people are fed up of them telling people what they can and can’t do with their phones. Overpriced rubbish if you ask me.

    Android phones don’t all look the same and are far more customisable than any iPhone

  2. Blackberry for work. Email and “proper” keyboard is easier for e-mails. But a crap camera and music software IMHO.

    If I had to pick one I’d go for my iPhone. iTunes is great for music, and its so damn easy to use. BUT I’m not very techie so buying into the Apple evil empire is a way for me to avoid actually understanding how it all works.

    My nerd friends swear by the HTC as you have more control on what goes on it, but I drop off when they explain. So Mark might be right…

  3. I have a BlackBerry Torch, it’s OK but very flimsy, the new touch screen Bold looks excellent though. I like BlackBerry devices, much better at handling e-mails and the hardware for the camera seems much better than an iphone. If you are an apps person have you thought about an i-pad as an alternative?

    • I covet and desire an iPad deeply. Till I hit the jackpot cash-wise however its either an iPhone or a Blackberry on contract. I’ll check out the Bold and see what it has to offer. Thanks for posting – much appreciated.

  4. As with most things, it’s a case of horses for courses. When I hear people say “I just want a phone to make phone calls” as if that makes them in some way morally superior it amuses me; I often ask if they could do without a car or a television. I have these things but I could easily do without them – I really wouldn’t like to be without my BlackBerry for any length of time. Not that I ever actually chose to have a BlackBerry. It kind of chose me.

    It’s the tool of my trade – most of the music reviews I have written here and elsewhere started life on its little screen. I liked the XDA I had a few years ago and had got used to being able to write reviews and emails on the move, checking details online as I went along. Then one night its screen broke and that was that. I was down in London then heading off around the south where my friend’s band were on tour, I wouldn’t be home for a few days. I’d had it a long time though and was out of contract, so I walked into the O2 shop on Oxford Street and explained that I was in desperate need of a new phone this instant: what could I have today on my existing contract without incurring any additional upfront fee? I’d quite fancied an Android that one of my mates had but it was out of stock – basically it was I-phone or BlackBerry. I didn’t really want either.

    My other half and various friends had I-phones. I hated them. I’d tried to use the internet and send texts on my other half’s and I hated the finger-prodding, shaking, all that stuff. I picked up the BlackBerry and started typing on its tiny keys. This was going to take some getting used to, but it looked nice and rugged and sturdy where the I-phone looked so flimsy you could probably break it by looking at it the wrong way. We have for the past two years been a Blackberry and I-phone household, and it’s like this…

    1. Within an hour of leaving the shop with my new BB I had texted my mates to see where we were meeting later, downloaded Googlemaps and TFL applications, located the pub in question and (as a non-Londoner) the quickest way there by public transport… and indeed phoned my mum because it was Tuesday and I always do. None of this would have been possible with an I-phone as you have to plug them into a computer and download I-Tunes before you can even use one. I don’t fucking want I-tunes, why would I? I buy music on records or CDs or on free downloads (legal / legit only, but that’s another debate!) and put some files on my cheap MP3 player for on-the-move listening.

    2. The following day in Bristol we got a little lost trying to find the venue. I had the route plotted while he was still waiting for his current location map to load.

    3. Apps – schmapps. Oh great, you can make your phone act like a Dalek / Etch-A-Sketch / spirit level. That’s really useful. (I guess the spirit level could be, but when do I ever need a spirit level outside my home where I have one?). Yes, Blackberry apps are less plentiful but I can read the news, check train times, use Facebook, play a couple of games, locate a nearby (whatever), and fast. There are a lot more these days anyway if you like that sort of thing – not high on my list of priorities personally. Horses for courses.

    4. I’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve been out somewhere a bit out of the way and I’ve had a decent signal where he’s had nothing.

    5. The day his I-phone spontaneously crashed itself trying to update its software. Cue long re-installation and “synchronisation” tying up our home computer all night, along with the loss of a handful of I-tunes items he’d bought on the phone and never got round to sticking on the computer, as it had wiped itself clean and had to have everything replaced. I have no comparison here as the BB has never crashed.

    6. Black and silver stuff is rock’n’roll, white and pastel stuff is poncey.

    I’m not going to get all evangelical about it though – I’ll leave that to the obedient slaves of the Cult Of Apple. Thou shalt buy the products of Steve and only Steve, forsaking all others (want to play your music on a cheap MP3 player so you don’t have to take your fragile and expensive phone to the gym? Tough shit, the files won’t play on anything else) and thou shalt go out into the world and convert the unconverted.

    Get what you like, get what works for you and your requirements. I’m still keeping an eye on alternatives for next time but I think this tough little beast’s got plenty of life left in it yet.

    • Cath, I think you may have made me fall back in love with my BlackBerry. Thanks so much for taking the time to post such a great response -much appreciated.

  5. I completely empathize. I loved my Blackberry and could never imagine life without it… until just a few weeks ago when I got the I-phone and am a full-fledged devotee. It was a tough decision and so many friends weighed in but I am so glad I made the decision. The features are endless and the camera alone is worth the purchase. Good luck whichever way you go.

    • Glad I’m not the only one with this dilemma. It’s good to know you’re happy with life after the switch though :) Thanks for posting.

  6. @Mark Akers @jason Clifton @Dan @Graeme Simpson Thanks so much for the advice guys. I must confess to being totally clueless to HTCs so had not considered this third option. I’ll look into them before making my final decision.

  7. Quran (4:104) – “And be not weak hearted in pursuit of the enemy; if you suffer pain, then surely they (too) suffer pain as you suffer pain…”


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