Section 60 Interview…We Talk To The Sheffield Group About Their New EP and Upcoming tour

Louder Than War’s Carl Stanley meets Sheffield band Section 60’s front man & vocalist Chris Perkins who gives an honest, interesting and funny interview touching on the groups history, their songs and what we can expect from the band’s new release and up coming shows. 

From South Yorkshire comes a blast of top grade indie from Sheffield’s football & music mad ‘Section 60’, a band who are both getting ready to drop their latest E.P & preparing to go out on a tour which’ll see them play venues such as The Sheffield Academy, Manchester’s Night & Day and the popular ‘This Feeling’ at the Queen of Hoxton.

Hi Chris, thanks for talking to Louder Than War. You have a great collection of tunes such as Elysium & The North Will Rise Again. The band all big football fans, is that how you came together? 

Chris Perkins Hi Mate, it was a bit of a joke at first really…well, until we got in with Smit, Me and Addy got banned from going to football and I’d just split up from the missus at the time so we needed something to do at the weekend. Addy started messing about with his Dad’s old guitar and I bought a bass. We wrote a few song and that’s when Smit approached us. Smit was a friend of my brother and our Nick had told him about us, he just joined without asking but we thought that was class and the three of us just clicked. We then got a kid called Paul to play bass cos by this time I wanted to be the singer and not only that I thought if I play bass and sing I’d look like fucking Sting!!! Haha!!! We then met Adam the drummer in a club and that was it, we were gonna take over the world….until we realised Adam couldn’t keep time so we fucked him off, oh and then we got rid off Paul cos he was not pulling his weight and his trainers were too big for his feet. Haha! When Luke came in on bass we knew he was right cos he’d just been sacked from another band for being pissed up all the time so he just fitted perfectly! Ben came in on drums, he was a sound lad but things just didn’t work out so he left and we were fucked for a while until a lad we know put us on to Kyle. He came to practice and we thought “proper fucking drummer!” So that’s the band as it stands…reading that back it looks like Kyle best watch out! Haha!.

A real indie band with a fantastic spread of songs, from the Sally Cinnamon inspired ‘Soul Uncensored’ to indie rock Ballard of ‘Permanent’, Bullet Train, or the trippy dance of  ‘See How They Run’. Section 60 have quite a broad sound yeah?

All the band are into similar music which I think helps a lot, with us we treat songs with respect, we dont rush them. We don’t want any fillers and songs that we don’t think are good enough, they soon get fucked off or put on the back burner for a while. I think we would all get bored If all the songs sounded the same, I mean one minute we can tug on yer heart strings then the next its just out and out rock n roll, but you can always tell it’s us.

But with out doubt a big feature of all the tunes are your vocals Chris, as well as looking the part you have a great voice and know how to use it…had you sung before becomming a memeber of Section 60?

The singing thing only came about cos I couldn’t really be arsed with the bass, I’m a proper lazy cunt and if I can’t pick something up sharpish I fuck it off.

I liked singing as a kid, I once played Clint Eastwood in a school play and I just remember singing in front of a packed house and hitting the high notes! Haha!

So who writes in the band, from the spread in style and sound of Section 60 it kinda sounds like your all writing and chipping in, or is it just yourself putting the songs together & writing them?

Smit writes the songs, he`ll come into the practice room play the song then we will take it from there, everybody in the band has input in the development of the song , saying that on the EP myself and Smit writes a track on the EP together called Dream Factory.


Section 60 look like a real tight group, your all from Sheffield and are all big Sheff UTD fans and sharply dressed, are they all big influences?

Footballs a big thing with us and yeah were all Blades and some of us take it very serious, as far as musical influences go we love the Stone Roses, Joy Division, Oasis and Puressence. Clothes are also a big part of the band as we like to look smart…that’s important & I cant be doing with bands who look shit.

We’ve got in with a couple of up and coming labels, Peaceful Hooligan & Three Stroke Productions, it’s really smart clobber. We`re good pals with the PH lot & they are really sound lads…actually they are sponsoring the EP tour that we’ve going out on in May & June.

The fact that you’re all into football, clothes and big tunes make you similar to groups like Oasis and so on of course, have the music press pigeon holed you because of that? What type of press has the band had up to now?

I’ve got a story involving Oasis… Me and my mate Dave who managed us for a bit went round town trying to get gigs when we first started up, We’d had our CD and we went into all the so called trendy music pubs. We ended up in the Frog & Parrot which is apparently the place to play and be seen on the Sheffield music scene. Dave asks to speak to someone in charge and this clown called Nick AKA Lord Frog come out….Dave shows him the CD and Nicholas starts saying with a fucking tone in his voice “Oh you don’t sound like Oasis do you?” and I’m in the back tab thinking ‘so what if we do sound like Oasis’. I’m offended by this cos to me Oasis were the last truly great rock n roll band to come out of this country. Anyway I’m looking around at every table in “Mecca” and realise there are pictures of Noel Gallagher on every menu on every table in the pub and I just thought to myself ‘what a nob this lad is’!!!

Section 60 Interview…We Talk To The Sheffield Group About Their New EP and Upcoming tour

As far as press goes in Sheffield, Sheffield Scenester and Daz Walsh are the only ones who have given us any praise, all they say about  Section 60 is that they’re that ‘hooligan band’. They’ve made there minds up about us before even listening to the song!

Another stand out tune is ‘The North Will Rise Again’. It’s a great, rousing title as well as a great tune, is that a tune that kinda sums the group up, in sound and sentiment…?

The North Will Rise Again is a big song for us, just the title gets people going. When Smit brought it into practice we just thought this is a song that’s gonna mean a lot to people. We are proud of where we`re from, everyone should be.

Sheffield’s always been a great music city with some top groups and artists coming through over the years, it’s always seemed to have had a healthy music scene…Section 60 have a pretty smart following in the city don’t they?

We’ve got a good following in Sheffield and we are humbled by all the beautiful people who come to see us, it means a lot when they turn out. Sheffield’s great but bands like us don’t go down very well with the Frog & parrot and Division St crowd….certain bar owners, promoters and these pretentious band of merry men don’t like bands who go to football, who wear stone island and who like Oasis!!! Haha!!!


In a general sense…do you feel it’s a good time to be in a band right now or are we lacking a bit of energy / direction maybe?

I think its always a good time to be in a band, there’s nothing finer than getting in a room with ya mates to make music. I think I’ve said it before but I do believe if you’re good at what ya do and get a bit of luck along the way then who knows… might become the next Ed Sheeran!!! Haha!!!

Right now its all about the new E.P at the beginning of May, hows it sounding?

It’s got five new tracks on it & a bit of everything. It’s gonna be called “Welcome to the Dream Factory” and is released on May 3rd. We think its sounds fucking mint.

You’re on tour in a few weeks, kicking off on the 4th of May Manchester ‘Dry Live’…will you be playing a mix of the new tracks with stuff like ‘The North Will Rise Again’ ‘Soul Uncensored’ and ‘Bullet train’?

I’d imagine we will rehearse 12 or 13 songs and see which 8 or 9 sound the best. The funny thing with songs like Bullet Train is that when we recorded it it must have been some other band cos can we fuck play it live! We’ve got some top gigs lined up with a massive one for “This Feeling” at Queen of Hoxton, London…That should be a good one.

You’ve actually just supported The Courteeners haven’t you…what’s a Section 60 gig is like?

Yeah it was sound, we were buzzing when we first got the news & Mr Fray is a real gent, playing with bands like Courteeners really brings the best out of yer cos it makes yer want to do it night after night in front of new crowds who’ve never heard ya before. The reaction we got that night was spot on!

When we play live we tend to just get into the next song, its all about the music and there’s not much talking in between songs, there’s nothing worse that listening to a singer telling you there fucking life story…We just leave that for the interviews ha ha.

Lastly – can we see the band at any fests this year, what have Section 60 got planned for the summer?

The only festival we’ve got booked in at the moment is a local one in Sheffield “Mosborough Music Festival” – it’s in it 3rd year. Reverend & The Makers are headlining one night and Paul Heaton the other. Oh if Emily Eavis is reading this and is stuck for a band before the Stones well, we’re available (before she asks Kaiser Chiefs anyway) Haha!!!”

Section 60 website can be found here. They’re also in Facebook & Twitter. You can also hear more of their music on Soundcloud.

Upcoming tour dates:







25thMAY: To Be Confirmed




All words by Carl Stanley. More of Carl’s writing on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive.

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