Introducing… Holy RobotsNew Band: Holy Robots

(New Single All The Right Bombs In All The Wrong Places out 30th July)

Like a piece of protest graffiti scrawled across a wall, South London’s Holy Robots have appeared both anonymously and loudly, their refreshingly forthright messages beaming across social media swathed in green like a complete antidote to all that is bland and commercialised on there. Their plan to release a single a month is already beginning to play out like a serialised manifesto – debut Are All Your Friends Satanists found itself dropped onto the post-punk the playlists of those with their ears to the ground, with its juddering synths and sloganeering cries delivered in a crystal clear fashion impossible to ignore. The follow up, All The Right Bombs In All The Wrong Places is set for release July 30th and I can confirm that its another fantastic grab of the establishment throat. Just two and a half minutes is all it needs to unpick the spectacle of the modern world. Rolling in with pounding guitars and building into something straight out of dystopian drama, its chorus of powerhouse vocals proclaiming “I was gonna be someone/but the one I was was always the wrong one,” cutting through our world of idealised influencers.

There’s an innate Situationism to Holy Robots and the clear, burning desire to smash the spectacle that holds us in the capitalist nightmare. Describing themselves as a “passion project born out of depression and a raw hatred for industrial society,” they also bridge the gap between the personal and political with unflinching frankness, and I think that’s safe to say that’s something we need right now. For all the encouragement of openness, I how trying to talk about mental health this past year has resulted in online clap-backs, and how much of a strident voice we know need. We of course, also need people making a scene on the bigger issues more than ever. In a week where the government passed the Police, Crime and Sentencing Bill tightening the laws on the right to protest, it is vital we have the voices that smash through this increasingly terrifying society as loud as possible. Holy Robots, with their conceptual stance beyond mere music, are exactly the band we need right now.

You can follow Holy Robots manifesto on their Instagram – 

Holy Robots Spotify can be found here  – All The Right Bombs In All Right Places will be released there on July 30th

All words by Amy Britton. You can find more on her archive

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