Heavy metal/hard rock, Long Island, New York based band, Year of the Locust, will be unveiling their 13 track album, “Devolver’, on July 22nd, 2016. The band has opened for: “Candlbox”, “Trapt”, and “Hoobastank”, and has toured with, “Jake E. Lee and the Red Dragon Cartel”.

“Devolver’ is their debut full length album, and “Rise Up”, has a brand new video which will be coinciding a National tour. The members include: Scot McGiveron, Lead Vox and Guitar, Fred Serrell, bass, Peter Hellers guitar, and Raeshwan Greene on the drums.
Louder Than War: Can you give me a brief history of the band, how did you get together, when did you get tighter, etc.

We got together to write the music we didn’t already have in our collection. Of course all we knew at the time was that we all had been in projects before that had fizzled out.. and we were determined to see something through and tread new musical ground. Touring is tough.. And after loosing our drummer we found new purpose with Ray in 2015.

How would fans- to- be- gain access to your music?

Fans can find our music on all the usual suspects.. Via our website, iTunes, google Play etc. Our newest accomplishment, Devolver, isn’t out everywhere until July 22nd. For now it’s only available pre-order via our website: www.yearofthelocust.com or on i-Tunes.

Who writes the music?

Our music is created based upon ideas from everyone. The general rule is: If someone has a complete idea we consider it.. And if no changes are necessary we adopt it. About 30% of the music is a group effort.. After much arguing, of course!

What are the bands musical influences?

The band’s musical influences range all the way from heavy modern rock to gangster rap.. C.R. E. A. M. get the money!! We are suburban warriors of mixed musical taste. “Dude, you have Taylor swift and Dillinger Escape Plan in your i-Tunes?” Yup.

Please introduce the members of the band.

This line up is comprised of Scot McGiveron (Lead Vox & Guitar), Fred Serrell  (Bass & Vox), Peter Hellers (Vox & Guitar), and Raeshwan Greene (Drums).

 What is your most memorable live experience?

Our most memorable live experience was with Hoobastank at Endicott Amphitheater. We were hanging on stage during their set. It had been pouring rain on everyone on and off all day in August. Their power went out during their second song. No sound. Doug just sat on the monitor and started a conversation about celebrating life with the crowd. All the rained upon, hot muggy people stayed positive with him while the engineers scrambled to restore power. What a moment!

Is there a particular song on the album that you enjoy playing most?

Rise Up is a favorite to play.. It has a heavy breakdown and Pete and I get to do the “back to back” lean-on-each other, guitar player harmony at the end of it.
When do you plan to do your national tour in support of “Devolver”?

Our Devolver Personal Pain Tour schedule starts in late July with Atlantic City and ends in late August in North Carolina. More details on our website or Bandsintown account.

What’s next for Year of the Locust?

Next for us is our October tour run (dates T.B.A.) and two more music videos to release. In the meantime view our brand new video here for “Rise Up”:https://youtu.be/lgVvl1dkyKQ

Thanks for checking us out and see you on the road!

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All words by Eileen Shapiro. More of Eileen’s writing can be found in her author’s archive.

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