Keith Morris was the frontman from Black Flag in the pre- Rollins period.
He went on to front Circle Jerks and is now back with his best band yet, Off!
Sounding like a perfect US hardcore band from the mists of time, Off! have a fierce energy and feral wildness that is so often missing from modern punk rock.
Few musicians form new bands at the age of 55, most have retired by then, and virtually no-one forms an extremely loud punk-rock band that captures late seventies hardcore. But few people have the wired energy of Keith Morris, the outspoken original lead singer of Black Flag and longtime Circle Jerks frontman. the band’s debut album- First Four EPs is pure genius and 16 songs that last eighteen minutes and we urge you to listen to it.
The band is a punk rock supergroup featuring great players from Redd Kross, Burning Brides, and Rocket From the Crypt.
I saw them live a couple of times at SXSW and was thrilled by their wild dynamic and Morris’s wild charisma.
I was going to transcribe and write up this interview but Morris speaks in huge quotes with great haste- it’s fascinating stuff that actually sounds better from the horse’s moth…

Off! website



  1. […] OFF! have released another video. These guys are spoiling us eh? There seems to be a constant stream of promo material emanating from them. And rest assured, as fast as they throw it at us we’ll throw it back at you. This one’s a total doozy. Possible contender for video of the year in fact. I should shut up & just let you enjoy right? Ok. […]


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