The 4 piece pop-punk band, “Such Strange Arts”, hailing from Essex County, have just released their brand new EP entitled: “Waking The Neighbours”, on ” Standby Records”.

Resembling  the sounds of “Green Day” and “5 Seconds of Summer”, only with twice as much energy, “Such Strange Arts”, is set to tour the UK this month in support of the release. They are not only adorable, but talented as well.

Louder Than War was able to get Matt, the band’s guitarist to answer some questions.

 Louder Than War: you guys are all absolutely precious and talented, where did your name originate from. Also can you please introduce yourselves.

Thank you! Such Strange Arts are myself (Matt – guitar), Jake (vocals), Dean (Bass) and Antony (drums). The name comes from the Oscar Wilde poem Athanasia.

Who are your musical influences? You remind me a little of “Green Day”.

That’s a big compliment, thank you! We are influenced by pop-punk and pop-rock mostly, but also take a lot of influence from pop music too. Equally, we listen to a lot of stuff that’s a lot heavier! We try to incorporate as many of our influences as we can to make something a little different, but always link it back to the pop-rock roots!

Who does your song writing?

The majority of the writing is done by myself and Jake, but Dean and Antony are heavily involved in the development of song ideas and do bring songs to the table themselves too. We’ve also recently started working with a some producers and songwriters to try to get a bit of a different approach to writing and come up with some different ideas!

Besides the February tour dates, do you plan to support the EP by going on the road internationally?

We’d love to! Unfortunately there’s nothing booked at the moment, but one of the reasons that we were keen to sign to Standby Records is the fact they are based in the US, which makes getting out to the States a little easier! They know we are keen to get out, so hopefully we can get there soon, maybe later this year. Equally, I’d love to get out to mainland Europe, I hear the crowds there are crazy.

Do you have a song that you enjoy performing best?

For me personally, I love Figure It Out from the new EP. It’s a great upbeat, jumpy song that crowds tend to really get involved with.

Where do you derive all of your energy from?

Red Bull and Mountain Dew. That and crowds! Anyone that has seen us live will know that we aren’t the sort of band to just stand still onstage, and when the crowd is getting involved us it gives us a kind of boost to push ourselves further!

How long have you been together? Can you give us a little of the band’s history?

The band has technically been together since the summer of 2011, but we’ve had the current line up for a couple of years. Its been in this time that we’ve really honed in on the sound that we want to go for and is definitely the best incarnation of the band!

Are you currently working on any new projects that you care to talk about?

We’re already writing for our debut full length album, we don’t want to leave it too long before putting out new music! But in the meantime we’re working on some cool content for fans to get involved with which I’m really stoked about. There’s some stuff that bands of our size don’t usually do so its going to be cool!

Where are you going to be in 10 years?

All 4 of us have massive ambitions. We want to grow this band to be as big as it can be, so arenas or maybe even stadiums would be incredible. I’m not saying that we’re necessarily going to be at that level in 10 years time, but if we’re not then we’re still going to be pushing to try to make that happen!

What do you like most about performing live?

I think it’s the instant reaction from fans. When you’re putting out recorded music there is a very long process that can sometimes be a little frustrating, but at a show you’re playing a song and you instantly know whether the crowd are digging it or not. Its also the best way to interact with fans. We’re always hanging out with fans at show for as long as possible, that connection is so important.

Upcoming shows:

17 Feb.     Manchester: Aatma

18 Feb.     London: Surya

19 Feb.     Stamford: Voodoo Lounge

20 Feb.     Brentwood: The Hermit Club

21  Feb.     Birmingham: The Flapper


All words by Eileen Shapiro. More of Eileen’s writing can be found in her author’s archive.

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