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Based out of L.A., Memoirs are about to release their new single entitled, “Run To Me”, a powerful display of music, reminding me of “The Killers”, or even “Coldplay”. The release date is March 11th, and will be followed by a West Coast tour in support of their debut EP.

The alternative rock band is composed of  Frankie Siragusa, a producer who has worked with artists such as, “The Decemberists”, and “REM”, Aaron Ficchi, chief song writer, and his brother, Josh on the drums.

Louder Than War shared some questions with the group, as they begin to introduce themselves to the rest of the world.

Louder Than War: “Run to Me” is an amazing sound. What message are you hoping to evoke?

Frankie: Sonically, since the lyrical content has aspects of an emotional journey, we focused a lot on the music having a pulse. Something that could build up and calm down dynamically throughout.

Aaron: I think its theme is rooted in unrequited love and lust. When I sat down and wrote the initial melody line for “Run to Me”, it was very downtempo and melancholy. Frankie and I tracked a quick demo and it remained shelved for a long while, before re-approaching it and saying “What if we took this in a different direction and juxtapose the dark, classical elements against a shiny pop backdrop”. I feel that’s what gives the song its uniqueness, that fact that it was never intended to be a pop song.

Who are your musical inspiration?

Frankie: I’m a huge Beatles fan. And it sort of spirals out from that. Bowie, Queen, Beach Boys… I love some of Dangermouse’s early work, Nigel Godrich… Any and all Motown.

Aaron: The Beatles, Bowie, Queen, Muse, Cole Porter

How did you all come together?

Aaron: We met back in 2007, after Josh and I moved to LA. Frankie invited us out to a show he was playing in Hollywood. Upon entering the venue, we saw Frankie jumping around like a maniac onstage and we knew he’d be perfect for the band.

 You are planning a tour to support your EP, what do you like best about performing live?

Frankie: For me, I tend to get lost in the music more on stage rather than in the studio. As much as I love making records, playing live is always an essential outlet for me.

Aaron: I like that it’s a living thing. The audience, the ambience, the energy — they all become a part of the show.

Do you have a next project in mind?

Frankie: I’m playing drums for the Posies on tour this year (European and US currently), and have a collaboration project I’ll be releasing this year as well which features Reggie Watts, Ken Stringfellow, Glen Phillips, among others. A very exciting year!

Aaron: I have some co-writing/collaboration projects in the works.

Can you introduce your band?

Aaron: Frankie is the synth/bassist and a brilliant musician, which we trust in creating the production and sound of the group. My brother, Josh is the drummer and I’m the singer, songwriter and guitarist.

Where do you hope to be in five years?

Frankie: My favorite way to make music is through a collaborative process with other artists. So I hope in 5 years to continue on that trajectory; be it songwriting, performance, or producing.

Aaron: I adore songwriting. It’s where my heart is, so ideally I hope I’ll still be collaborating, co-writing and working with amazing artists.

How did you get your name?

Frankie: Aaron thought of it. I’m not sure of the intention behind it initially, but I do like the single word name, the romance it evokes, and also the fact that it plays on the idea of this project being a recapture of our musical past.

Aaron: Like Frankie put it, it does play on the idea of this project being a recapture of our musical past. In some respects, it’s a time capsule that is finally resurfacing.


Memoirs can be found  on Facebook and Soundcloud.


All words by Eileen Shapiro. More of Eileen’s writing can be found in her author’s archive.

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