Mangoseed, has just released their new video, “Lucy”, and it’s overwhelmingly amazing!

This Reggae/Pop/World Fusion, fraction, has got it going! Hailing from South London, there is an absolute, explosive and compelling attitude within their music. The video is exciting, with Lucy and her “short shorts and her fuck you look”.

Consisting of Nicholai La Barrie, Karlos Coleman, Richard Hardy,and Sam Campbell, and are of Jamaican, Trinidadian, Australian and Irish decent, making for a captivating mix of sonic pleasure. Louder Than War grilled Karlos on the video and the band’s future endeavors.

Louder Than War: Tell about the new video….”Lucy”. What was involved in filming it?

Our latest video for our new single Lucy ‘which was released last week for those of you who didn’t know’ is a high energy pulsating sexy thing that draws you into the vibe and makes you want to be at the party and to let go and release anything that you feel like venting.

The concept was brought to the Mangoseed table by our lead singer Nicholai la Barrie. He wanted the video to have a close loving party feel. We work closely with a film company TeaFilms who like the band are South London based. They were given the brief and they did the rest, all we had to do was show up for the shoot with our instruments, get styled, made up and then perform, which wasn’t that demanding because we had a crew of very energetic dancers to make us look good.

You already know I love the song more than life itself, what’s to follow?

We are releasing 2 maybe 3 more singles, all I can tell you is that you will be getting some psychedelic dub, funky blues and up-tempo dance until you mash up yu’self!!

Do you sometimes feel like your music is kind of a lifeline for people you will never meet?

That’s the downside of making music, we would love to be able to give everyone who follows us the opportunity to catch us live, to truly connect with the energy of our live shows. So for now digital downloads and videos is our lifeline to our followers.

 Once again, please introduce the members of “Mangoseed”.

Let me introduce you to the band –

First up to bat is Nicholai La Barrie – Lead singer, amazing song writer and a sample wizard.

Second on the field – Karlos Coleman (that’s me) Guitar and backing vocals (can’t say anymore in case it sounds like me kissing my own arse.

Third to smash the ball out of the park Richard Hardy – Bass and backing vocals. Just to let you know a lot of the tones you hear are bass, Richard has enchanted his instrument to believe it’s more than just a 4 string bass guitar.

Finally coming in with the winning home run Sam Campbell – Drums, synths and provider of the groove.

What inspired “Lucy”?

The inspiration of Lucy was provided by extended and creative observation ‘’I say sitting in an armchair wearing a smoking jacket and pipe in my mouth’ 

Any plans for a UK tour?

Mangoseed will be up and down the UK but all the nitty gritty’s have yet to be finalised, but we’ll keep you posted.

 Do you ever feel like making music wasn’t a choice, that you were born that way?

Hell yeah. We don’t follow any kind of formula or genre we just give the rehearsal room the noise it wants, the sounds that feel good to us and feeling good is one of your first memories. ‘I say sitting on a bean bag in a scented room with shit loads of candles’

Who wrote “Lucy”?

Lucy was written by Nicholai. He came in to the band room with an idea and lyrics and the rest of us jammed out his idea and together we structured the song.

What message does the song bring to the fans?

The message of the song is……………. Mangoseed love making good songs!!!!!


Please visit these links to learn more about Mangoseed: and their youtube channel:

All words by Eileen Shapiro. More of Eileen’s writing can be found in her author’s archive.

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