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Former frontman with the stunning greatest rock band you should have all embraced but somehow missed, the Icarus Line, Joe Cardamone is back out on his own supporting Mark Lanegan with a new sound that is even more thrilling before. With an added industrial edge this is the kind of dark romantic noise vistas that mark Lanagan is also exploring and both with their own idiosyncratic and perfectly styled ways. 

1. Do you feel free now without the band democracy?
Free? In some ways, there is a freedom to being alone. You don’t have a committee to take a piss. In other ways, it’s more restrictive because the program material is locked and the show is the show. No wiggle room.

2. How has this changed your music?
Well, I have usually written in part to the room. I have written towards the musicians and their strengths. All of my solo material was conceived with no goals. No ambitions for it to be anything beyond the point of its creation. Up until relatively recently, the instrumentals were only for personal enjoyment. This music’s only initial ambition was very personal and on many levels, it has remained that way.

3. A more industrial edge – is this because you are writing on your own?
I guess any industry that you are picking up on is because the palate of sounds on my laptop are all either software or samples that have to be manipulated. I realized pretty quick that no matter what you put me in front of I am still making my brand of noise. The medium may shift but the point of view remains in the same world to a certain extent. So although there may be a more mechanical texture it’s really heading toward a similar ecstasy.


4. The older you get the darker you feel – is this true of all artists who are awake?
Might be true. Age could have something to do with it. Confidence in expressing your own truth without fear of consequences. I have been awake but now it’s more personal.

5. How do you sustain your creative passion?
I don’t have to. It sustains me. I’m compelled. I don’t ever think about it because it’s what I do for purpose. Even if I wasn’t releasing publicly I would be doing it. In fact, a good deal of what I am performing now was never intended for public consumption. After sharing it with curtain comrades I was prodded towards getting it out there. External reaction has very little to do with my output as a creator at this point.

6. Mark Lanegan is the perfect tour for you – how is it going?
Yeah, I agree. Mark is a generous host and a good friend. His audience has aired on the side of receptive to my ideas and the performances that I have given. Having said that, this Tour is long and cold. We are in the 7th week and looking towards the end Line. I have had a great time and at some points been moved beyond words by people’s kindness.

7. Is this solo album an LA record or a world travel record?
Neither I would say. This new material takes place in my living room and my car and in my memory.

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