Interesting And Powerful New British Film Seeks Kickstarter Help From You!If you think it’s tough in the music industy, try making a film!Thank god for Kickstarter! A new feature film called Gift Of LIGHT is close to getting all its funding that it needs from Kickstarter and is looking for a few more contributions…please go to its link to help fund the project.

Writer / Director ~ Ola Morgan

Executive Producer ~ Simon Powell (Award Winning Director)

“After years of Depression, I wrote a script. I’ve been a missing person & added the scene. The scene will be filmed on the moors where I was found.”

The film features.. Mental health / Stigma / Downs Syndrome / Animal Rights / Poverty / Homeless .. A need for change.

Kickstarter link may not come up but it’s..

Thank You so much. We have less than 27 Hrs remaining & we can’t access the amount raised without hitting the target!

I’ve struggled hugely through depression to make this film. I’ve done it to raise awareness for others. It’s taken me nearly 3 years to come this far! Please don’t worry if it’s too late to do. Any further details are on the Kickstarter write up.. xx


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