Depeche Mode : Violator

A majestic, perfect album, from the stylish, minimal sleeve to the inclusion of some of Depeche’s finest singles, ‘Enjoy The Silence’ and the phenomenal ‘Personal Jesus’. This is a complete album; one that is best listened to in its entirety. The attention to detail in the mix of electronica and guitars makes this an album that stands the test of time.


Beastie Boys : Check Yer Head 

An eclectic and energetic mix of Rap, Funk, Punk and Psychedelia! Check Yer Head sees the band throwing off the shackles and getting back to their punk roots with ‘Gratitude’ or challenging all other MCs on ‘Pass The Mic’. This album embodies everything that the Beastie Boys stand for; Irreverence, Attitude and Integrity. RIP MCA.

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