live moo-sic at its best, Inspiral Carpets
live moo-sic at its best, Inspiral Carpets

Inspiral Carpets
Hebden Bridge Trades And Labour Club
July 7th 2012

live moo-sic at its best, Inspiral Carpets
live moo-sic at its best, Inspiral Carpets

Along with the Roses and the Mondays the Inspiral Carpets were the other corner of the Manc baggy triangle, reunited with original vocalist Stephen Holt they are currently sounding as sharp as ever…

In the last couple of weeks Hebden Bridge has been the casualty of a severe flood. Hundreds of businesses and families were seriously affected by a sudden deluge of “one month of rain in 24hrs”. Sandbags are still stacked in shop doorways, with signs of regretfully being closed. Yet, there’s a beautiful feeling in Hebden, the evening sun is shining like something great was about to happen, like the town that’s had it’s hangover before the party.

The Trades Club is a 190 capacity not-for-profit music venue and socialist members club. Built in 1923 it was brought back to life in 1982 and retains its original sprung dance floor. Painted black, the hall was HOT!

As the five took to the stage they precariously stepped between the speakers, towels and leads to find their places, the baying crowd already “mooing” for their beloved band. Straight into the retro sounding “Commercial Rain”, the floor started bouncing along with the filled room.
To the audience’s cheers Clint said, “This is already one of the best gigs this year, I can tell.”
Only one mobile phone seen filming…The audience were here to be part of this gig, all singing along with Holt.

A shout from a woman; “You’re Legends!” got the reply, “Yeah we know!”.
Clint, especially loving the verbal interaction with the fans, raised a bottle of beer cheerfully to his mouth. Nodding said, “know what I mean?”¦You lot are a lot of hard-core Inspiral fans aren’t you?..I can tell”. The atmosphere hung in the air along with the dry-ice and sweat dripping from the ceiling.

Gilly’s drumming was rhythmically insane, while Lambert let his fingers do the talking.
“This Is How it Feels”; always one of the favourites, but to be honest hardly any of the songs stuck out”¦They were all on a par with each other, the fans knowing all the words, to all the songs, singing, shouting, jumping, saluting, punching the air, laughing and clapping. Between songs there was a lot of hand shaking between fans and the band, including a laugh from Holt slapping someone’s bald head!

Martyn, always smiling, gestures to someone in the crowd, beaming every now and again, his delight in what he does is simply infectious. “He’s offered a drink of a pint from the front of the stage. “What is it?” he shouts”¦“Beer””¦”I know that, what kind of beer?””¦“I dunno” ”¦Martyn shakes his head. “I’ll pass then”. Obviously only a certain brand would do.

With Kellett’s visual art once again, decorating the back of the stage, the whole evening was one that the fans, the band and Hebden Bridge needed and thoroughly enjoyed.

Set list;

Commercial Rain
She comes in the fall
Head for the sun
You’re so good for me
This is how it feels
Directing traffic
Find out why
I want you
Dragging me down
Theme from cow
96 Tears
Saturn 5


  1. Damnit! Why am I only finding out about this gig nearly a year later? I live really near Hebden Bridge and would’ve lapped it right up.


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