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InMe – The Destinations EP (release via Pledge Music)
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The new EP – The Destinations – showcases a mellower, less angry InMe. Ian Critchley reviews.

I remember holding Overgrown Eden in my hand way back in 2003 and thinking “this record is going to change my life.” In many ways it did as InMe were my first dive into the heavier end of the alternative music pool, before then having only splashed in the shallows of punk rock. I was fourteen back then, and it has been a great feeling to come into maturity alongside a band like this.

The Destinations EP is a complete departure from the aggressive angst of InMe‘s early days. Instead the listener’s ears are treated to a far more progressive sound which, although still dealing with the pain of failed love in songs like Beached Whales, gives the overall sound a less angry and more heartfelt feel. Much in the same way Coheed and Cambria took great influence from Led Zeppelin for their Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV album, McPherson’s motley crew seem to be channelling the spirit of Jeff Buckley into each and every second.

Which goes to show that the right influence can go a long way, with the vocal prowess of their frontman increasing by leaps and bounds due to his larynx being doused in the lilac wine of one of the most influential singers to ever live.

This is a record for InMe fans new and old. It’s short length also works as a fantastic precursor to their proposed triple album, because it is impossible to listen to this handful of great songs and not want to follow and see just where the destination lies.


The EP is available directly for the bands website and InMe can be found on their Facebook  and Twitter pages

All words by Ian Critchley. More writing by Ian on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive.

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