16bit- kings of industrial dubstep
16bit- kings of industrial dubstep or the Proclaimers on a night out?

Industrial dubstep – music from the cutting edge; A Different Side of Dubstep featuring 16bit who make genius noise records

16bit- kings of industrial dubstep
16bit- kings of industrial dubstep or the Proclaimers on a night out?

16bit! Well for those of you who know the group, thats all I will need to say to describe the sub genre of Dub step I’m going to be talking about. For those of your who don’t, this stuff will give you chills while at the same time turning your stomach, and will cause you to feel mix of bewilderment and astonishment at how these sounds can possibly come from a synthesizer placed in the hands of these innovative young producers.

Unlike the wobbly, commercial and almost painfully cheesy sound that is predictably put into the Dub step genre these days, 16bit deliver ”Ëœhype’, ”Ëœfilth’ and obviously supreme bass. I idolize this sound, packed with strength and chaotic aggression, however it seems there is a lack of this industrial sounding sub genre in todays online selection. Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that the young genre is changing, but with this change we seem to have lost this tough side of Dub step.

I remember 16bit for their first popular track ”ËœChainsaw Calligraphy’ which seemed to emulate the start up of a chainsaw but when the chainsaw started I heard a sound that would reshape the genre for a lot of people. Considering this was a good few years ago, it was completely ahead of its time and attracted a lot of attention. It was probably one of the most innovative tracks which laid the foundations for the aggressive sub genre. It was admired because of how controversial and original it was, and soon enough the youtube comments section got spammed with such well known comments as ”Ëœthis is so dirty it makes me want to shop my own arm off’ and others of the same nature, which eventually became so profane the youtube comments were disabled for their videos. If you haven’t checked them out, ”ËœChainsaw Calligraphy’ is a great place to start.

They continued producing this style of Dub step and eventually released an incredible remix of Skism’s ”Ëœthe blank’ which has had a huge following worldwide. This was my favorite release of theirs due to the exceptional production quality and shockingly technical use of synths. This masterpiece was released in 2009, and was completely remarkable. I struggle to find anything new that would rival it. They seem to have released a couple of new songs that don’t come close, and maybe its because they’ve been concentrating on their mixing skills, winning ”Ëœbest mix’ in 2010 at the DubstepForum awards. They are currently touring the U.S. with MTA records, which makes me think it’s true, to get this caliber of aggression pumped into your eardrums these days, you have to go out and see them live or be lucky enough to catch one of their radio mix’s.

The only thing that has come close to 16bit, was the album by Broken Note ”ËœTerminal Static’. This album featured such pieces as ”ËœWar in the Making’ and ”ËœCrux’, and I was surprised to see this usually strict Drum and Bass expert entering into the sub genre. They had an extremely controversial track on the album as well called ”ËœLet ”Ëœem hang’, which had a speech about the current economic situation involving the banks and the government. If you haven’t heard of them, give that album your time.

The Music I have been talking about so far was all release in 2009 and I can’t seem to find anything more current to compare with it, but you’ll be please to know 16bit have been back in the studio this year and have produced Björk’s first single which features on her album ”ËœBiophillia’. If your a supporter you also will have noticed their remix of Noisia’s ”ËœMachine Gun’ featured on the trailer for ”ËœTransformers: Dark side of the moon’, and even better the group have insisted they that they are working on their debut album for 2012! I can’t wait to be able to acquire my fix of fascinating, high decibel brilliance.

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  1. I don’t think it’s fair to say the whole of the dubstep genre is lost to wobble and cheese. I think it is fair to say some of the innovators are moving away from the basic dubstep sound. Some of the stuff by people like raffertie and shackleton is as far away from the ‘waaaarp waaaarp wob wob wob, good, that’s another hit’ style. In the same way that arguably post punk is more interesting than punk, the question of what happens after dubstep is in some ways more interesting… I agree with you that the tougher sound is harder to come by though.

    I do like the Broken note track…


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