Incendiary Website Top 50 Albums And Gigs Of 2014Incendiary website along with the Quietus are our fellow music culture website travellers – our blood sisters and blood brothers in a sense, so it is with great pleasure that we share their year end list of great albums and gigs with you!

They say:

“A fair number of things I liked in 2014 don’t get reviewed on the site; often because there seemed no point; Incendiary has never been a site that wanted to ‘cover all bases’. We’re not important enough for one, and anyway just how many reviews of Sleaford Mods, Scott O))) or Neubauten do you need? Others do that sort of thing much better than us. Though I really wish I’d got round to reviewing the Gudrun Gut / Hans-Joachim Irmler LP as that’s magic and deserving of a lot more attention than it got. And in total contrast to the War on Drugs LP which (although Damian liked it and fair play many do and who am I to say what is good or not) is the MOST BORING RECORD EVER MADE.”

Now go check out the list which goes by the strap line “Now for some unholy orders.”

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