In the Nursery release film soundtrack collaboration album with author Simon BecketSheffield electronic and pro to industrial band In The Nursery have released a soundtrack album.

The band, whose unique music, has been abig influence over the decades originated in the fertile early 80’s post punk scene of Sheffield and made their own way with an idiosyncratic and imaginative music.

Sheffield-based composers In The Nursery and author Simon Becket have collaborated on a unique project entitled The Calling.

The Calling is a thematic soundtrack inspired by, and to accompany, the Hunter series of books by international bestseller Simon Beckett. The soundtrack is a mixture of music, binaural field recordings, sound design, foley and includes readings by the author.

‘”I was familiar with ITN’s work” explains Beckett. “Their music is dramatic, atmospheric and highly cinematic – all attributes I try to bring into my own writing. What we agreed on was to create something new: not an audiobook with background music but an instrumental soundtrack that takes its themes and tone from the David Hunter books. As such it’s a unique project, and hopefully it will not only appeal to those familiar with the series, but also resonate with a wider audience.”

The Calling is released through the ITN Corporation label.

Sheffield-based IN THE NURSERY (twin brothers Klive & Nigel Humberstone) have a renowned back catalogue of albums with a worldwide fan base. Their songs have been used on numerous film soundtracks & trailers including Gran Torino, Interview With The Vampire, The Sweet Hereafter, The Aviator, Beowulf and most recently Game Of Thrones.

In The Nursery’s Optical Music soundtracks, to silent film classic including The Passion of Joan of Arc and The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari, have toured worldwide.

Simon Beckett (born in Sheffield) is a journalist and author. His books, in particular the crime series around forensic anthropologist Dr David Hunter, have sold millions of copies worldwide.

He wrote several novels, including Fine Lines in 1994, before publishing the first novel in the David Hunter series, The Chemistry of Death, in 2006. A crime novel centred around a forensic anthropologist, Dr David Hunter, as the protagonist, The Chemistry of Death was shortlisted for the 2006 Gold Dagger award. Sequel novels featuring David Hunter have been released in August 2007 (Written in Bone), January 2009 (Whispers of the Dead) and 2010 (The Calling of the Grave). The series has sold several million copies worldwide and is particularly popular in Germany and Scandinavia.

What does a novel sound like?
Sheffield outfit In The Nursery have created a ‘soundtrack to a novel’ – bringing together technology, music and literature in an intriguing new way.
In The Nursery‘s ‘thematic soundtrack’ of forensic thriller writer Simon Beckett’s work is as carefully arranged as a pathologist’s tools.
The Calling isn’t based on a single story, instead taking inspiration from several titles in Beckett’s David Hunter series.
Finding your way through the passages of narrative that Beckett reads alongside In The Nursery’s audio interpretation is a unique journey.
(from an article by Rob Barker / The Literary Platform)

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