Nigel Humberstone is a musician, composer and music director for Sensoria Music & Film Festival.

He is also a founding member of In The Nursery, the Sheffield based band whose music is used extensively in film & TV and who are still writing, touring and producing new work after over 30 years. Their last album in 2012 was a thematic soundtrack entitled ‘The Calling’, created to accompany the Hunter series of crime thrillers by author Simon Beckett. The band have just had a self-imposed fallow period but will shortly be recording new projects ready for release in 2014.

Top 10 albums (in no particular order)

Talk Talk – Spirit of Eden

LTW ‘overlooked at the time, Talk Talk have become massively influential…’
Nigel Humberstone…Regardless of how much of a tortured process this work evolved from and however difficult Mark Hollis was as an individual, this album is a timeless reminder of music created without compromise or care for commerce. It is the nearest one can get to a work of musical art.

number 2 in In The Nursery top 10 favourite albums is here


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