In the light of John Terry case can you get the Jesus Is A C@@t t shirt out again

The word Cunt is the last rude word left in the UK.


Or it was until the John Terry case changed the rules.


It was the last word that offended anybody. Maybe it still is the last word that causes any kind of recoil. The last word that people refer to as the c word because it is far too devlish to repeat.

But in the light of the John Terry case maybe it’s about to go mainstream.


It seems that according to a court of law a well paid footballer with an expensive lawyer can use the word in conjunction with other words and it’s ok. And what’s ok for Mr. Terry is ok for the rest of us.


Is it a case of now walking down the street with your Jesus Is A Cunt T shirt on without any fear of reprisal? If the cops come up and try to arrest you can you pull the John Terry case and say you were being ‘sarcastic guv’nor nor’ ? Has the word cunt been legitimated by a footballer and his display of on pitch ‘sacrcasm’.


Anyone care to find out?




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  1. I think the word is a brilliant word, when looked at etymologically. What we’re dealing with is purely the description of the whole female part, and I don’t see why it is any more offensive calling someone a pussy or a fanny than a cunt. The Times and The Guardian will repeat the word in their reports without use of astericks as they will all swear words, as they are just words. It’s people’s reactions that are wrong; not the word. I remember a Germaine Greer documentary on BBC4 a fee years back, and it was truly fascinating. It’s usage as a “bad” word is relatively modern. It was commonly used, albeit vulgar, but not offensive in the Victoria era. So; when did we get to be such sensative cunts?!

    • Thanks Colm, you raise some interesting points here. I agree that ‘ cunt’ ‘pussy’ and ‘fanny’ do indeed refer to the female genitals. However , when used as insults they mean different things.

      A pussy is someone who exhibits cowardly behaviour. A Fanny is a bloke who behaves effeminately- eg squealing at a spider in a bath. A twat is someone who is obnoxious but in a dullard clumsy sort of way. A cunt is much more nasty character. A scheming lying deceptive shape shifting type someone like Jim Davidson or that tory cunt.

  2. So Caitlin Moran already did this?
    To get on in the media, its important to be offensive about Christians, Jesus, etc, and if possible, portray them as idiots…(indeed, some of them do help you in this…particularly gay-hating Anne Atkins),, So if Ms Moran has already done this, ..ok
    It is EQUALLY important NOT to offend the other religious groups…especially the Islamic people… if you want to get on in the media..

    I suggest that Pony Tail man has two identities..
    One – he’s going for a job at the Beeb, and he wants to make it clear that he is conforming to those rules.

    or Two – he went around snarling “jesus is mythical..jesus is mythical..” and then somebody said.. “is he? Have you asked him” So pony tail man closed his eyes and prayed and ask him… and got a response that he didn’t expect… which pissed him off no end, so he quickly went out and bought a “Jesus is a cunt.. Jesus is a cunt” T-shirt….just to get some clarity on the issue…..holy shite….the fact that Jesus didn’t actually die and answers his prayer is NOT going to get him a job in the media….and he’s got the BBC interview lined up..

    Let us bow our heads and pray for all the conformists out there.. God Bless Their Cotton Socks. Amen.

  3. Jesus is an archetypal punk who rattled the establishment of religion and state in his day and had some amazing body piercings. When he referred to King Herod as “that fox!” I suspect it was the Aramaic equivalent of calling him a crafty cunt.
    Was Jesus himself a cunt? I personally doubt it. That said, you can bet those who assumed they had authority over him and everyone else – from Roman senators to Kings and High priests – thought he was the biggest cunt that ever walked Gods earth, little realising he was in fact God walking his own earth to reveal the divinity of everyone who the real twats in the world think are cunts.
    Hope that clarifies things.

  4. The real “Cunts” here are Cradle of Filth for been consistently shit for the last 20 years or so.
    Their legacy? The above shirt and an increase in the sale of gobstoppers wherever they play
    I have a t shirt printed up by a ropey Black Metal band called ‘Artisian’ and in big sweary letters, it proudly requests you to “Bite it for Satan, You Cunt”. Poetic.
    In this day and age I fail to see how “Cunt” can be classed as offensive. I use it a lot and if it was removed from parlance, my wife’s vocabulary would be significantly reduced!
    Are the last bastions of offence now the “N” word? or, dare I say it? The “M” word?

  5. I think we should resurrect some of the milder and sometimes forgotten insults. Here a a few examples to help you all get in the spirit:


    They all have a certain rustic charm about them; I can imagine the word twerp as an old east anglian farmers slang for an ill formed turnip that was deemed unfit for market or summin. Perhaps more thought on this is required


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