In Evil Hour ‘The World Bleeds Out’ – album review

In Evil Hour ‘The World Bleeds Out’ (STP Records)
Available now

Debut album from the Darlington based outfit, I knew little about them, but vaguely recalled that Antipop Records had previously released a 4trk EP ‘Tell Your God To Be Ready For Blood’ so  I checked out their Facebook page; the biography stated (in its entirety) ‘Hardcore-inspired. Punk rock and politics. Driven by a disdain for the apathy and ignorance that pervades modern culture’ and cited influences including Black Flag, Stooges, Misfits, NOFX and Bad Religion…

Opener ‘Divide And Conquer’ immediately sets the tone; fast paced, gravel voiced not dissimilar to Vice Squad’s Beki but this time fuelled by the sheer desolation of home town Darlington; building around a frenetic drum pattern to a fist pumping chorus its clear In Evil Hour have delivered something rather special, ‘Far From Home’ allows vocalist Alice to display her full vocal range and features an insanely catchy chorus as she rails against consumerism…

‘As Seas Rise’ highlights mankind’s seeming desire to self-destruct; as befits the lyrical content, this one is darker, an ebony mass of seething malevolence, provocative brooding hardcore riffs aplenty…’Where You’re Left’ opens with a filthy gnarly guitar riff and some serious pummelling drums, before switching into a US based punk sound perhaps drawing upon the bands Bad Religion influences; certainly not a bad thing as again In Evil Hour understand the need to actually write songs as opposed to hiding behind an onslaught on noise.

‘Little Death’ is a stand-out track; 55 seconds of pure hardcore that will see the mosh pits explode, whilst ‘Help Me Out’ returns to the bands pure punk roots with one of the most infectious guitar riffs I’ve heard in a good long while, ‘The Terminal’ slows things down nicely, again allowing Alice’s surprisingly strong voice to shine through; title track ‘The World Bleeds Out’ and closer ‘Murder Murder’ demonstrate that In Evil Hour have constructed an immensely powerful album, its rooted in punk/hardcore but has rich veins and textures coursing through every track.

Like myself, In Evil Hour will no doubt be unfamiliar to many – ‘The World Bleeds Out’ is the perfect starting point an a genuinely fine example of just how vibrant the UK punk rock scene is right now.


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