Important live music debate in Manchester next week- everyone invitedUK Music and the Musicians Union are holding a Live Music Roundtable to act as a focus groups to talk about the Live Music Act and the live music scene in different areas.

UK Music say that ‘we are working with the Musicians’ Union on these and we hope they will give us a sense of the state of live music in various places across the UK.’

What’s more everyone is invited.

‘We would love if you are able to join us at this event and your input would be invaluable. We would love to have a real mix of voices at these events and hear what you have to say.’

The event details:

1st October 2013 

Start time: 1 pm (Lunch served)

The Annex at the Cornerhouse
Cornerhouse and The Library Theatre Company
70 Oxford Street
M1 5NH

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