The Stone Roses and Johnny Marr Offer Their Support to A Macclesfield Youth Club: Made in Macc2***This Made in Macc2 article has now been updated with details on how anyone can buy raffle tickets to be in with a chance to win the custom built guitar signed by John Squire mentioned below – scroll to the foot of the page for details***

Find out how The Stone Roses and Johnny Marr have offered their support to a fundraiser, Made in Macc2, for iMaccelsfield, a unique Youth Club working together with the young adults of the town. 

Opening its door in March this year, the iMacclesfield Youth Club (or iMacc:YC for short) is an independent Youth Club with a 21st century multi-media vision. The founding committee wanted to go farther than the traditional youth club model by offering the town’s 11-16 year olds an interactive experience (hence the i in iMacc) that not only offered a safe, entertaining and informative environment, but would also grow, allowing the youth club to form partnerships with other groups, organisations and individuals all working together to offer the youngsters of the town the skills and access to a wealth of experiences as well as reducing anti-social behaviour in the town. The hard work efforts of the original founding committee and the considerable numbers of volunteers that work for and with the iMaccelesfield Youth Club have quickly established the centre as an important part of the local community.

Fundraising is a necessary and continuous requirement to maintain and expand the iMacc:YC which prompted committee member Ross Massy, a band member of Enraged, to conceive of Made in Macc: a night of live music and fun for the town’s grown-ups to raise money to give the kids of the town cool stuff to do.

Trackside Studios donated a guitar to the cause as a raffle prize and Massy soon realised he could increase interest (and hence value) in the guitar by calling on his musical connections to add their signatures. So Johnny Marr‘s signature is now on it, as well as those of his band, and local groups The Virginmarys and Butterfly Jam.

The 300 event tickets sold out in two weeks and the night turned out not only to be an amazing and fun success, but also one that raised over £2,700.

Resting on their successes is not something the hardworking iMacc:YC committee do. Striving to make iMacc:YC even more interactive they are currently building a media suite in partnership with a local station with the goal of allowing the club to eventually host their own internet radio station, and in the future they plan to move on to film and other media. To this end iMacc:YC this month announced Made in Macc2, to be held on November 29th, which is set to be bigger and more extraordinary than the first, with five bands and two DJ’s lined up already. Pete Jackson of CJ Guitars of Macclesfield has donated a guitar custom made from wenge and mahogany that had been through the specialised process of spalting – which creates a unique and stylized series of patterns in the wood.

The Stone Roses and Johnny Marr Offer Their Support to A Macclesfield Youth Club: Made in Macc2

Founding committee member Nick Pettigrew spent several months convincing his wife, a local hairdresser to ask Sophie Squire, wife of The Stone Roses John Squire, who is a client at the hair saloon she works at, if the guitar hero would sign the beautifully crafted instrument for the event. Eventually she did and as Nick says:

“It turns out he was more than happy to do so, I went up to their house and got the guitar signed. He also donated a full drum kit he had knocking around to the Youth Club: I didn’t ask him if Reni had ever played it”

Made in Macc 2 will be on November 29th at Fresh, Wood Street Macclesfield. Tickets are £7.50 and they are available now from Margin Music, Mawsons Hairdressing and Trackside Studios as well as from IMacc:YC at the Farmain Centre, Oxford Road Macclesfield on Mondays and Thursdays from 7pm.

You can contact the iMacclesfield Youth Club via email about the event on or for any other information email them on:



iMacclesfield Youth Club have dealt with many enquirers from people outside of the Macclesfield area asking how they can buy tickets and so have a chance at winning a wonderful prize, a custom built guitar signed by John Squire. The page with the donate link and details can be found here:


All words by Katie Clare. More writing by Katie on Louder Than War can be found at her author’s archive. She can also be found on Twitter where she tweets as @tokyo_katie.

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