It’s been some time coming but finally you will be allowed to use a mobile phone on the plane. It always seemed a bit odd the idea that mobile phone use  was going to cause a plane crash but noow apparently it won’t.

Fear not, though, the mobile pone use will be restricted to wifi and texting because, not surprisingly, it was found that most passengers were not happy with the idea of people talking mundane bollocks with added  nerves making it even worse than usual at high altitude with no escape from their chundering.

With the use of wifi it suddenly makes flights a very different proposition – suddenly there is no being locked in your seat watching endless reruns of Mr. Bean or some tired old film, you won’t even be trapped by their mini music playlists- a whole new world opens up.

The only draw back is that most plane are not kitted out yet for the use of wifi so it may have to be Mr. Bean for the next couple of years…

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