I'll Stay In Memphis: live review
I'll Stay In Memphis:

I’ll Stay In Memphis: live reviewI’ll Stay In Memphis are a young Manchester band who hope to buck the trend for the city only producing indie or dance music. Along with another local rock band Obsessive Compulsive they could just be the start of something new for the city.



We all have that one band who no matter how often we see them we just can’t get enough, I’ll Stay In Memphis are that band for me. Despite seeing them numerous times, they still have the ability to entertain and excite me with their sound. Tonight’s gig was no exception as the guys were unveiling a couple of new songs.

The band formed in early 2010 and even upon my first viewing of them back in March they already had an incredibly layered and unique sound.

Tonight the band open with ”ËœWreckage’ that opens with incredibly heavy guitars and drums and instantly gets you moving, Joel’s vocals are truly powerful and the harmonious voice of guitarist Tom, only adds to the songs instant catchiness.

Next up is ”Ëœ{in} Affirmation’ which has some incredibly metal sounding break downs and beautiful guitar work, just when you think their sound can’t get any better they unleash a new song currently known as ”ËœUntitled’ the song is loud, heavy and fast yet melodic and it goes to show that these guys are going from strength to strength.

The rest of the set includes favourites ”Ëœ{in} Desolation’ and ”Ëœ{in} Sleep’ which evokes a sing along from the crowd.


Sometimes looking around it is hard to believe these guys have been together and gigging for just over a year. They close their set with another new song ”ËœRestless Tide’ which leaves you just wanting more.

The band don’t just get together and write any old thing they put a lot of thought in to each note and lyric until they achieve perfection and that is apparent not only by listening to their older material but by hearing the songs that are to feature on their new EP, which is currently in the works.

If you want a band that break the mould of the same old thing then check out ”ËœI’ll Stay In Memphis’ they may just turn out to be your new favourite band!

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