Iggy Pop

We were wondering what the great Iggy Pop was going to do about recording some new stuff.

Post Stooges he had been out playing his solo stuff again but seemed in need of a fiercely talented collaborator. A Bowie type figure to push him to the max.

We can’t think of anyone better than Queens Of The Stone Age main man Josh Homme who has finished off a new Iggy solo album called “Post Pop Depression” which is due for a March release.

Iggy sings and writs words over those distinctive twisted brilliant rock songs of Josh in what could be the Ig’s best solo album for decades.

As the pair explained to the New York Times…

In some ways, “Post Pop Depression” also picks up where “Lust for Life” left off. “Where those records pointed, it stopped,” Mr. Homme said. “But without copying it,” he continued, “that direction actually goes for miles. And when you keep going for miles you can’t see these two records any more.”

The lyrics reflect on memories, hint at characters and offer advice and confessions; they can be hard-nosed, remorseful, flippant, combative or philosophical. The album’s theme, Mr. Pop said, is: “What happens after your years of service? And where is the honor?”


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